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About Us

Socialtext unlocks the knowledge, expertise, ideas and data that drives superior business performance.

What We Do

Socialtext accelerates business performance by making it easier for employees to find the colleagues and information they need to solve challenges new and old. By simplifying people's ability to share expertise, ideas and corporate data, Socialtext removes knowledge silos that have traditionally hampered companies' ability to respond to change and serve customers efficiently. With Socialtext, people collaborate openly around key business processes in a secure, internal environment, and work together to drive new business opportunities.

Business Friendly. IT Ready.

Socialtext has a unique deployment model that meets companies' unique security requirements, while making sure they still reap the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) — including fast deployment, fast iteration cycles, little or no maintenance, and low cost of ownership. We offer Socialtext as a hosted service or deploy Socialtext in your private cloud with our virtual appliance built for VMWare. Unlike many free services on the Web, Socialtext meets the requirements of IT while giving employees the social, collaborative features they want to help do their job more effectively.

Integrating, Not Ignoring, Your Existing Investments

We don't buy the hype that social software should or can replace the critical systems of record that help drive your business; we think it should complement them and make them more useful. Socialtext Connect allows companies to integrate their traditional systems (such as CRM and ERP) with our social software platform, making it easier for your employees to collaborate and take action on the core processes being carried out by those systems. Because Socialtext is built on an open, web-oriented architecture, companies can integrate applications of virtually any kind, and share those integrations with each other in our private customer community, SocialDev. With Socialtext Connect, you could have a microblogging message automatically sent to your employees every time a major event happens in your inventory system (such as replenished inventory), and they could then have critical conversations around how best to distribute the products. If a new prospect appears in your CRM system, your employees can collaborate on how best to win the account by sharing projects, research and collateral with each other.

SaaS Keeps Us Aligned with You

We think the benefit of SaaS is that, when done properly, it keeps vendors aligned with their customers. Year in and year out, we need to provide you with a great service that meets your expectations to earn your business. We're not successful unless you are, and that helps guide all our decisions around product, innovation and thought leadership.

Empowering HR to Transform Business Processes

As the enterprise collaboration and networking software platform of PeopleFluent, we understand the importance, impact, and value of Talent Management and Human Capital Management within organizations. The combined technologies of PeopleFluent and Socialtext will deliver powerful enterprise collaboration and employee engagement capabilities and a broad new spectrum of performance management and recruiting software solutions to customers. The synergies between our collective products, combined with our shared philosophies in collaboration, make this an exceedingly wise partnership that offers a wealth of additional value to our company. We look forward to continuing with our product roadmap and independently managing Socialtext as we move forward with the PeopleFluent team.