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Partner Program

To achieve business results with social software, businesses need the right technology solution. But they also need a strategic framework for how social software drives business results, and the right implementation approach for their organization. They need the right partner to ensure they get the highest business value.

Socialtext’s technology combined with the expertise of our partners provides a full business solution to our customers — businesses worldwide who want to increase revenue, customer satisfaction and organizational agility through social software. The Socialtext Partner program is comprehensive and designed to ensure partner success.

Partner Program Benefits

  • Rapid startup with minimal infrastructure investment (SaaS model) and secure on‑site deployment option
  • Technical support handled by Socialtext, with minimal investment required from you or your client (SaaS model)
  • Training on Socialtext product and methodology for organizational traction; access to dedicated secure hosted appliance for internal training purposes; full access to proprietary Socialtext training and rollout materials
  • Continuing education on the evolution of the product and the enterprise collaboration landscape
  • Opportunities to jointly develop thought leadership, references, and speaking engagements
  • Round out your offering with the most complete enterprise 2.0 product on the market
  • Offer added value by integrating Socialtext and other enterprise systems. Easy integration with legacy systems via ReST API and Open Social widgets
  • Referral fee for partner‑referred product sales

Our Expectations of Our Partners

  • Knowledge of the client's business processes, strategic priorities, and organizational culture
  • Trusted advisor relationships at multiple levels of the client organization
  • Pragmatic, clear‑eyed understanding of potential business value of improved collaboration
  • Confidence in the centrality of collaboration to the client's business goals and performance
  • Desire to advance our collective understanding of organizational dynamics and business productivity

Get Started Today!

To start the certification process, or for more information, e-mail partners@socialtext.com.