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    Socialtext Releases Chatroulette for the Enterprise

    Today Socialtext released the latest cutting-edge social software for the enterprise, unleashing a revolution in Randomized Productivity Management (RPM).

    The following video has details:

    RPM takes social to a new level. We’ve been hard at work adapting the best of the social web, from Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and more for enterprise use. Socialtext users can immediately start clicking on their navigation bar to realize immediate ROI.

    Signup for your own account today.

      4 Replies to “Socialtext Releases Chatroulette for the Enterprise”

    Brilliant. At a huge company, this might actually be fun to use! Haha!

    Awesome! Happy April Fools Day!

    Socialtext is always on the cutting edge. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before other E2.0 platform vendors spend $100s of thousands in development to add Chatroulette to their systems. :>)

    Oh, I read this as Chat Roclette, sort of a melted cheesy social interaction. But, that sort of works too for this, in a good way. Happy April 1st.

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