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    Why the Yammer Migration Service

    As we announce our Yammer migration service this morning, I want to provide context for the decision to offer this service and our reasoning.

    First and foremost, this was driven from conversations with our customers and prospects. It’s not meant to be vendor jockeying. Like us, these companies hold a philosophical difference with Yammer for how technology should be purchased and deployed throughout the enterprise, and this service is meant to help them transition to Socialtext as painlessly and cost effectively as possible.

    There are 2 main themes that emerged from these conversations:

    1. The business model of “free for users, but charge IT for control” just doesn’t sit well with many of the IT folks we work with. The unplanned, unbudgeted cost is at odds with the way IT works in most mid-to-large businesses.
    2. Compliance and security concerns mean many customers need microblogging deployed behind their firewall.

    Many of them don’t want to engage in this publicly because it would expose the fact that valuable data was being traded across their network (on a free version of Yammer), only to find out they had to pay for the seats already in use to get control of that data. It doesn’t feel good, and it’s something we believe has frustrated many people in the market. At Socialtext, our customers (and their respective IT leaders) always own their data — before, during and after their time as paying customers.

    So we’re responding to the needs that an increasing number of customers and prospects have presented to us. Socialtext has a history of positive go-to-market strategies, both publicly with our marketing campaigns and privately in our sales conversations, reflecting the respect we have for our competitors. As in any competitive market, we are attacking similar problems using different approaches. This service is a reflection of that difference.

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