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    Motley Fools Collaborate with Socialtext

    Established in 1993, Motley Fool is a true Internet veteran. Harboring many tech savvy employees, the company encountered an issue with siloed information in various disconnected social media tools. Different departments were using Sharepoint, blogs and even Yammer to collaborate on ideas and store information. Unfortunately, this limited employees to only the tools that they were invited to use and there was no way to conveniently share information with the entire Motley crew. The company needed a fresh and simple way to communicate and collaborate company-wide. Sticking with their non-traditional ways, and realizing Yammer was not meeting their needs, the company adopted Socialtext to develop a customized social intranet called, “Jingle” to let their employees easily access and share information.

    Socialtext was fortunate enough to have Anessa Fike and Jeb Bishop from Motley Fool join us recently for a webinar to discuss the many successes Jingle has provided the company. See below slides from the webinar.

    View more presentations from Socialtext

    Since deploying Socialtext, Motley Fool has experienced benefits from increased collaboration and communication, to a significant decrease in noisy email traffic, and improved employee wellness and bonding. Jingle offers employees from different departments and different offices, around the world, one place to come together and obtain the information they need instantly.

    Motley Fool has just scratched the surface of what is possible with Jingle. The company has been able to take advantage of the communication features to reinforce community and corporate culture, develop groups based on shared affiliations and interests, consolidate conversations to allow everyone to contribute, and made it easier to find and share information. On a regular workday, Jingle is open on computers and continuously checked for updates and information. From edits and reviews on documentation, news feed updates or newly added groups, the phrase “Did you Jingle that” is often being thrown around the office.

    Socialtext’s flexible infrastructure allows for customers to customize their intranet Widgets, which Motley Fool leveraged to develop tools for employee access convenience. These dashboard pages include: Quick 360 Feedback, which provides a place for employees to ask for and provide feedback on a work related item; a Quick Start page that offers quick links to get you started on Jingle; and Important Fool News, which hosts links to the top news items for that day. Jingle is proven to be user-friendly and easily adoptable. Although Jingle is being uses throughout the entire company, the technology department has the greatest adoption rate.

    For a company dedicated to its employees, Jingle has provided Motley Fool with a great resource teamed up with a fun element that has brought people together. This is clearly displayed by having groups such as QuarterlyChallenge, in which employees rally together once a quarter to identify and accomplish a company challenge; or the Wellness group, which puts an emphasis on employee health and allows for daily workouts during the workday. Jingle has truly become the core of the company’s collaboration, providing a comfortable space for employees to brainstorm on business initiatives, bond over similar interests, learn about company events and keep up-to-date on news.

    To learn more about Jingle, you can view the full webinar with Motley Fool by registering here.

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