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    A Q&A with our newest hire, Mark Oehlert

    Socialtext is ramping up its team and with that we’ve got a whole new crop of new hires we’re excited to welcome aboard.  These newbies bring with them some impressive pedigrees and we thought you’d enjoy getting to know them as much as we have.  Going forward, we’ll be featuring all of our new hires with a blog post that asks the same questions of all.  Here’s what our newest CSD (Customer Success Director), Mark Oehlert had to say:

    Mark Oehlert & Gambit

    What appealed to you most about coming to work for Socialtext?

    I’ve been involved with and talking and writing about “social media” for years, before it was known as social media. I’ve always kind of worked on the side of the table where you are convincing people to try it. What I am excited about is the chance to work with people who have already made that decision and who are moving forward. I really want to help them find the way that makes sense to them but also maybe explore some ideas about social media that they haven’t thought of before. I also happen to respect the people at Socialtext a great deal and I believe in the product…I’ve never been a pure vendor before…representing one product…it was critical for me to make that move to a company whose product I not only respected but had also used.

    What were you doing prior to joining Socialtext?

    Before coming to Socialtext, I was a consultant or a contractor depending on what you want to call it…you work with clients, helping them in lots of ways, implementing systems like Learning Management Systems, Content Management Systems, and so on, I’ve also helped clients with strategic planning, looking at how to use advanced/emerging technologies that sort of thing. I’ve also been a federal civilian working for the Department of Defense…that was interesting to sit on that side of the table, I learned a lot from that experience.

    What will you be doing for Socialtext?

    That’s an awesome question! My focus will be first making sure that all of federal government clients are well taken care of. I think my experience both as  a federal civilian and a government consultant will help me relate to and assist Socialtext’s government clients in a very positive way. Understanding that we are in a growth mode and in changing environment I also hope I’ll be able to help with things like building some additional professional services since I’m deeply convinced that the problems facing successful social media implementations inside an enterprise are overwhelmingly human and organizational and not technological. I might also poke my nose into marketing and product development if that’s possible.

    What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

    Extrovert. Synthesizer. Curious.

    What do you do in your free time?

    I don’t understand your question. Kidding. What’s really weird is that I do a lot of the same things I do at “work.” I mean I love to run, play video games, train for the Tough Mudder and take tons of pictures with my iPhone but I also read a ton of stuff about enterprise 2.0, about new technologies, about the impact of technology on culture, I tweet incessantly, blog occasionally, love a good microbrew and the UFC.

    What’s has been the most fun moment of working for Socialtext so far?

    I’ve got two. One was finding out I was hired and that meant that I’d get to work with and learn from Michael Idinopulos, someone I respect a great deal and second, finding out that I was going to get to go right into working with one of our big government clients right off the bat and help them really launch Socialtext inside their organization – that was very cool.

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    Nice picture, the dog looks cute at least.

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