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    With Social Collaboration, Knowledge is Power

    During Socialtext’s latest webinar, Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange, participants were given a first-hand look at how knowledge management is evolving with the advent of social and collaborative technologies. Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, discussed key industry trends and provided insight into the future of enterprise social tools. Sarah Nichols, Director of Knowledge Management at ClimateWorks, illustrated how the adoption of a social intranet has provided a more efficient internal knowledge exchange.

    It’s no secret that times have significantly changed. Employees now have access to their work from laptops, smartphones and even tablets, in addition to a traditional desktop computer. This has essentially created a ‘mobile employee,’ who expects to get tasks done in an efficient and streamlined manner, regardless of their location.

    Diverse and fragmented applications in use across enterprises have created a “spaghetti network” of silo’d technologies that pose a barrier to the kind of streamlined workflows employees expect. As a result, it is essential that companies integrate these systems of record with new systems of engagement to achieve true social knowledge exchange. ClimateWorks is a perfect example, as it has done this through strategic implementation of CWKX (ClimateWorks’ social intranet) on the Socialtext platform to ensure maximum productivity gains.

    As knowledge management and collaboration come together to create social knowledge, it is producing quantifiable benefits, which are measured by increases in efficiency and productivity. Yet, the following are still required to gain traction:

    1. Yield quantifiable business results
    2. It has to be vital to an employee’s job
    3. It must gain critical mass within an organization

    Sarah Nichols has put the social knowledge theory to work at ClimateWorks, a foundation made up of a global network of non-profits, numbering 500+ user base. The goal was to learn and share knowledge faster and in a more efficient manner throughout the network, which has been achieved by utilizing the CWKX platform as a collaboration space, internal media outlet, and a document management platform. Specifically with the document management feature, ClimateWorks saved $13,000 by provide a digital booklet about the company, as opposed to printing it for everyone on the staff.

    Using CWKX to obtain information and collaborate through preexisting workflows has provided numerous benefits to the network. From multidirectional communication to a central repository for files, creation and information, the social intranet demonstrates visible and tangible results since its implementation. For example, within the first three months of a departmental beta test, there was a 37% reduction in interdepartmental email traffic, and that same department cut its weekly meeting time in half due to the consistent collaboration and communication already taking place on a daily basis via CWKX.

    Not only does effective knowledge sharing enable a better connected enterprise, it also helps to attract talent, build revenue and inspire innovation. Static document sharing no longer applies in today’s real-time socially connected world. To generate success it is critical that enterprises leverage social platforms and tap into the collective mindshare of the entire organization, enabling access to knowledge not only under one roof but connecting on a global scale.

    You can listen to the recorded webinar by registering here.

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    Hi Sandra,

    I am a musician, entrepreneur and IT student. I saw the case study for Socialtext in Epitaph Records and is really interesting how they use the tool to increase coordination and productivity in a company. I did a summary of the case study and published it in my blog, if you want to check it out and make any comments: http://jacqueskerguelen.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/pros-and-cons-of-indie-record-labels-using-social-media/



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