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    Socialtext Invites you to Join Industrial Mold & Machine’s Case Study Webinar

    Industrial Mold & Machine (IMM ) (Twinsburg, Ohio) is one of those companies that works quietly in the background of American business, yet whose work touches the lives of millions of consumers each day. As the name might suggest, the company makes metal moldings for a variety of manufactured products, helping shape things like plastic cups, playhouses, sleds, milk jugs or kitchen utensils (to name just a few).

    When it comes to innovative use of technology and information, Industrial Mold & Machine has become a poster child that many tool shops are now trying to emulate. Since the company has implemented Socialtext into their daily activity flow, it is now paving the way for manufacturing to leverage social in a way that has never been done before.

    According to Larry Housel, Knowledge and Information Manager, Industrial Mold and Machine is using their Socialtext platform to serve its customers faster and better. Since its adoption, Socialtext has reduced their cut time (productivity cycles) by 20% and decreased labor costs by 40%; Benefits that are accelerating their business and turning heads.

    Join this case study webinar and learn how Industrial Mold is able to:

    • Improve shop floor productivity with real-time access to information
    • Eliminate paper-clogged process bottlenecks that slow down production
    • Enhance communication and collaboration throughout the company
    • Bring employees and apprentices up-to-speed with knowledge at their fingertips
    • Utilize social networking to bridge the divide between office and shop floor workers
    • Elevate productivity, quality, and responsiveness to customers

    Presenters include:

    Wendy Wloszek, President

    A seventeen year industry veteran, Wendy Wloszek started her career with Industrial Mold & Machine as a Mold Designer, then promoted to Engineering Manager and progressing to Head of Operations before assuming the role of President. Wendy has been a driving force behind the company’s extensive adoption of cutting edge technologies to streamline information flows and production processes. Wendy is also a Board member of AMBA (American Mold Builders Association) and MAPP (Manufacturing Association of Plastics Processors) and a sought-after speaker at industry events.

    Larry Housel, Head of IT

    Larry Housel is a visionary technology leader who is passionate about leveraging information to give organizations a competitive advantage. Throughout his career, Larry has worked with a range of businesses to deliver LEAN concepts into information systems. While at Industrial Mold, Larry has championed a transformation of the company’s approach to information technology, propelling Industrial Mold into a leadership position in its industry and beyond.

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