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    New Hire Sheela Ursal Uses Her Insightful Mind to Power Up Socialtext

    Tying in our stability of the past with a new vision that will bring businesses comfortably into the modern era of social collaboration, is one of the reasons why we are enhancing our offerings from the inside out.

    Recent Hire, Sheela Ursal, our Director of Product Management, gives you a little bit of why she is already an outstanding force behind Socialtext and why good things are on their way.

    What were you doing prior to joining Socialtext?

    For over a decade, I have worked in Silicon Valley either in a product management or marketing role for a Software-as-a-Service company. My most recent job was at Cisco working in Product Management in their Technical Services Innovation division.

    What will you be doing for Socialtext?

    As Director of Product Management, I help define, refine and evolve the product strategy of Socialtext’s online collaboration platform. Along with the product management team, I guide the development processes and take features from idea to production. I also work to improve existing features as well as develop new ideas as we expand the company and our offerings, especially for mobile and tablet. In addition, I work with Sales and Marketing to help build a collective understanding of current and future market trends and work with Support to keep an ongoing conversation with existing customers, which in turn helps refine the product.

    At Socialtext I will be putting my education, MBA in Marketing and Finance and past work experience, along with my entrepreneurial spirit to good use.

    What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

    Thoughtful, insightful, artistically-inclined.

    What do you do in your free time?

    On weekdays, after work you will most likely find me on a walk by the lake. On weekends, you may find me hiking by the ocean. If it happens to be a rainy day, I will be at home cooking up a storm and enjoying good food with friends and family. During an extended vacation, either on the beach or far away in the forest, I make an effort to stay off the grid as much as possible; disconnect from the internet, mobile phone and social media. It helps me reconnect within and my surroundings.

    What’s has been the most fun moment of working for Socialtext so far?

    It has been the honor and privilege of working with a accomplished team on a day to day basis.  After work, it is has been great hanging out with co-workers and finding out about their interests in art and music, their trials and triumphs and their journeys that have lead them to this place we call “office.”

    What gets you fired up about working here?

    Socialtext is uniquely positioned in the social collaboration technology world and the company has been around for a few years. On one hand the foundation of the product is very strong, on the other, the packaging and presentation could use an upgrade. It is like buying a house with a solid foundation and architecture, but now it’s time to get a great designer and planner in place — someone who is going to add the touches and curb appeal and make changes where necessary to be relevant to current needs. We need to spruce up and brighten our story, like with a few good partnerships in video, telephony and analytics. All of this will sharpen our competitive edge and position us to be well on our way to making a significant impact in this space. The company has a strong base of customers, a great asset from which one can draw feedback and insight to understand usage, adoption and business value.

    What gets me fired up is that I get to be at the heart of all the excitement and reemergence of the company as a leader in a social collaboration space.

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