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    Get Out of the Customer Service Blues and into Customer Service Success!

    Socialtext has written a free white paper around socializing customer service to drive business value. Even if you aren’t in the customer service business or use call centers, we feel that you should take a look as many of these principles apply to training facilitation, cross-functional communication across the enterprise or within departments and heightened access to information that makes getting work done in any category easier to execute.

    Enterprise social collaboration is where it’s at and we want you to hear from the those (McKesson, Ogilvy) that have experienced impressive ROI’s from using Socialtext to optimize their customer success goals.

    As you can imagine, any consumer with an internet connection has the power to make or break your brand. Call centers are the front lines by which your customers interact with your company and are ever more important because of the amplification a public complaint can have. So what if there were a better way to manage call centers so that they have immediate access to every answer a customer needs to solve their problem? What if you could train your call center employees with one click to essential materials and training videos? What if you could dramatically reduce resolution time and increase alignment with sales initiatives? Well you can!

    Here’s a peek into some of the numbers:

    Within three months, McKesson saw improved Average Speed to Answer with a 67% reduction from 33 minutes to 11 minutes; Saw Average Handle Time improve with an 11% reduction from 22 minutes to 20 minutes and an 11.75% improvement in Same Day Resolution (SDR) which was largely influenced by their use of Socialtext. Well that’s impressive.

    If some of your goals are to:

    • Streamline agent engagement with campaign content and teams
    • Optimize dialogue for effective sales and offer conversions
    • Increase team collaboration and knowledge sharing
    • Improve and optimize sales agent performance

    …and you want to learn more from two top Socialtext users, backed by expert opinion from Kate Leggett, Forrester Research’s leading expert analyst on customer service technologies, then download this free white paper and see how you can move into social and positively impact your organization with successful results.

    At Socialtext, we believe the best answer to managing call centers is through an enterprise grade social platform with the connectivity and collaboration features your employees expect coupled with the security and flexible deployment options that lets you get work done with ease.

    Security, one-touch access, social collaboration, activity streams and more all in one platform — now that will make any customer smile!


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