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    My TEDx Indianapolis is Now Live: Mr. Manager, tear down these (digital) walls!

    In October I gave my first TEDx talk in Indianapolis where the theme was  “Design Learning” and centered around how we learn, how our learning is influenced by our environment, and how to design those environments effectively. I thought what a more apropos theme to share my thoughts and opinions about social learning in the workplace but even more compelling, I would be able to talk about a revolution where learning was not only part of the job, but also the key factor that would bring the workforce into the modern era. By using social software that mimicked the way workers were interacting as consumers, they could tap into the power of truly working together.

    The main point I shared was how our society went from an open forum of collaborative working to a closed cubicled environment where work was isolated to today where we are trapped within the confines of our digital domain. We went from verbally discussing and sharing information to doing our jobs blocked off from the very people who we bounced ideas off of and who filled us in on what was happening. When technology advanced to facilitate and automate our tasks it also gave us something to talk about with each other. But over  time we once again became locked behind digital walls even though the cubicles were dismantled. I was happy to show how we have come full circle and now have the tools to once again collaborate and learn on the job while using all the technology that is available to us. Breaking down the “private office” is now easier than ever and has unleashed a productivity revolution.

    I hope you find my talk intriguing and can walk away with ideas on why bringing the social component into your workplace can lead to increased productivity and a more engaging working environment no matter what your industry is. Everyone is social and that element can now be embraced and used to your advantage.

    TEDx Indianapolis was a wonderful experience and I extend my sincere thanks to the organizers for bringing together such brilliant minds to share, collaborate and learn.

      2 Replies to “My TEDx Indianapolis is Now Live: Mr. Manager, tear down these (digital) walls!”

    Very engaging talk, and an especially nice example from the learning at Mckinsey of the need to integrate the tools into the everyday work flow. I would even go a little further and say that a culture of sharing and collaboration in the organization needs to be built along with the adoption of enterprise social tools. I’m sure this challenge exists in many settings, but is especially challenging in the public sector environments I study.

    Nice analogies with “private offices vs. open offices” and “transactions vs. interactions”. FB in consumer being an opposite to what’s happening in the traditional office > true. “It’s all about learning” (12:21), is close to my heart! McKipedia, LOL. Seemed like that “shiny new toy” was outside-the-flow, rather than in-the-flow (a classic Socialtext concept). Last, interesting coincidence how close these two words sound: “Idinopulos” and “Indiannapolis”!!!! I think that was meant to be. Nice work Michael !! – JohnA

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