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    Creating an Open, Transparent Organization through Social

    It’s not easy for executives to connect with employees, especially in larger organizations. It’s difficult to be in touch with employees’ thoughts, wants, and needs and employees may not share this information because they feel constrained by organizational hierarchies.  Employees want to be involved in company decisions but may not feel comfortable expressing their opinions. When major company decisions and changes are relayed by out of the blue emails, this broadens the divide between the leadership team and other employees.Social Media Key

    Not only can social break down the walls between departments, but a social solution can help break down the hierarchies too. Turning one-way communication into meaningful discussions between executives and employees isn’t a quick change. These conversations should occur on a regular basis so when a major business decision or change arises, there is already a strong foundation of honesty and transparency across the organization. It can be hard to build those relationships, especially in bigger companies and ones spread across the globe.

    Social software allows you to build relationships and transparency easily and naturally. Instead of just asking questions to your close colleagues, send out a signal and let other employees share their knowledge. You can also share what you’re working on, allow employees to do the same, and even offer feedback to one another. You not only get to learn more about your employees, but allow them to connect with you and show what they know, which lets them recognize how valuable they are to the organization.

    Over time, these interactions won’t be something you have to remind yourself to do; they’ll become a part of how you connect to your workforce and get work done.

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