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    How to Avoid the Information Overload Headache

    When employees go through training, especially when starting at a new role in a new company, they often suffer from a feeling of brain freeze, not unlike the sensation of eating a big bite of ice cream too quickly. Instead of consuming their frozen treats too fast, too much information is being thrown at them with not enough time to take it in. When this overload happens, employees lose sight of what they actually need to retain to succeed in their roles. How do you get employees successfully trained, without leaving them feeling overwhelmed?

    While it may seem efficient to cram employees into a classroom and try and teach them everything they need to know over a multi-day training session, it isn’t. It’s fast, but not effective. Employees may retain bits and pieces of information, but they’re more likely to be bored, frustrated, or just overwhelmed.Frustrated Businessman Sitting At Desk In Office Using Laptop

    Training sessions can be useful but they shouldn’t be the only resource. Allow employees to study ahead of time and review what they learn in the classroom by creating a resource repository that they can access anytime, anywhere.

    Classroom learning is great, because it functions as a forum for peer-peer discussions as well as one for conversations between the instructor and learners. In order to prevent information overload and help employees retain and understand the knowledge they’ve acquired, help them continue these conversations outside the classroom (or virtual classroom). A social solution can be this forum. Let employees ask questions and get answers specifically related to knowledge in the resource repository you set up. This creates a culture of learning within your organization, in which employees are learning how to be more effective and are continuously engaged during their regular work day.

    Don’t let your employees get overwhelmed with new information. With social, you can support and enhance their training by connecting them to the right knowledge and right people.

      One reply to “How to Avoid the Information Overload Headache”

    Learning is a constant process. Employees have to be provided knowledge on a regular basis. A 3 days class room led induction program just wont help. The overdose of training/ content just creates more confusion. Often the experts who should share knowledge in these induction program cannot participate as either they cant be located or they aren’t available due to their own constraints. Whatever be the reasons, what pains more is the fact that induction programs have become too customary…more an event just to provide the new recruits free lunches and bombard them with knowledge they don’t need to pump up and start. And when they actually need knowledge as they work nobody is there to help. As Sarah mentioned, Social could just change the way training happens in an organisation. Social Onboarding could solve all these problems.

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