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    Integrating Social into Existing Business Processes

    Even if employees can overcome their fear of change, it’s unlikely that they’ll adopt new technology if it doesn’t fit into their normal work flow. If you’re introducing a social solution into your organization, you not only want to make sure it provides a great user experience to encourage and maintain adoption, but also make sure it integrates with your existing technology.Flow Chart

    Employees don’t want to add another standalone application into the mix. So if they have to use social collaboration software that isn’t integrated with the HR, ERP, or CRM applications they are familiar with, they’re not going to want to use it. Having these applications integrated simply makes it easier for employees to get work done. Think about the benefits of having events from Salesforce flow into a single activity stream, and then being able to have real-time conversations around that information. This brings knowledge from existing applications into one central location, making knowledge sharing and informal learning easy and beneficial.

    However, if your business processes have remained the same for years, you need to make sure your processes have caught up to the technology. Social has the potential to make a real impact on your business, but only if your leadership team thinks of a social solution as an integral part of the work flow, and not as an additional application that employees can use.

    Adding in new technology shouldn’t add more work or stress to your employees’ days. Before you begin implementation, think about how the new solution will help employees work more efficiently, how easily it will integrate with existing applications, and how it will enhance your business processes. When you fit the solution into your business processes, you make it that much easier for your employees to adopt the technology and for your organization to achieve real business value from the software.

      One reply to “Integrating Social into Existing Business Processes”

    Spot On Sarah! Social Intranet could add value only if it becomes integral to the enterprise’s core business processes & the workflow. After all what employees would like to collaborate, share & communicate about. Their work right? The core business system of any industry and the inputs from them as activity stream on the social could only result in enterprise social success. Social collaboration could show value add only if it could impact the real business metrics.

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