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      4 Replies to “Social Sharing at a Grateful Dead Show – A Collaborative Experience in Itself”

    Man my long strange trip started at Watkins Glen 1973.
    These day i catch Further or Phil & Friends whenever I can.

    Frank – Glad to hear you are still keeping the energy alive.

    Great article – Who knew we were so ahead of the curve during the touring days! I remember how long it took to find and get copies of those coveted tapes- took me 10 years to grow my collection to 128 tapes! although my first show was not until 1990, I still travel to see their different line ups whenever possible. now instead of pen and paper to write down the set lists- I use Notepad app on phone.. the times have changed but the community at these shows remains.
    Being able to have a conversation with complete strangers about a common topic, no matter where we were or who it was, we shared the common in uncommon ways!

    this was a grate article!! I remember sending and trading tapes via “mail”,,,sometimes it would take 2 or 3 weeks to get a tape,, lol,,,now ya can walk out of a show and buy the cd in the parking lot!! and yup,,,we did meet and hangout with a lot of people from everywhere,,, I still love my tapes,,listen to them all the time!! thank you for the reminiscing!!

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