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  • Socialtext 5.0

    Last week we announced Socialtext 5.0, which includes an improved look and feel, a brand new editor for creating pages, and perhaps my favourite new feature since we introduced Signals… Page Creator and Page Tracker.

    If you missed the launch event you can watch a replay here.

    The following video provides a 3 minute overview of some of the new features.

    You can also see several screenshots on Flickr, or if you prefer you can view (and download) this set of slides.


    As VP of Engineering Shampa Banerjee explained during the launch event, this is just the first stage of Socialtext 5.0 with a lot more coming over the next few releases. We hope you enjoy the improvements, and as always would love to hear your feedback.



    Learn How the DAU Is Improving Collaboration and Education

    Is your agency looking to improve the way your people work together? Are you hoping to improve communications, reduce the time it takes to get answers and help people connect with the colleagues that can help them be successful? If so, please join us for a free live event where you can hear from your peers how Socialtext can help, while enjoying delicious food and complimentary beverages.

    Date/Time: August 23rd, 6:00-8:30pm ET
    Location: Muse Lounge, 717 6th Street Northwest, Washington D.C.


    6:00 – 7:00 Network with your peers. Enjoy free food and drinks.
    7:00 – 7:20 Opening presentation by industry expert Alex Howard, the Government 2.0 Correspondent for 
O’Reilly Media. Alex will be speaking about the state of Gov 2.0 including the use of social media, open government data and collective intelligence.Follow Alex on Twitter @digiphile
    7:20 – 8:00 Guest Speaker Mark Oehlert, Innovation Evangelist at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU)Mark is a recognized expert, author, and speaker in the fields of innovation, emerging technology, game-based learning and social media. Mark will discuss how the DAU has successfully implemented Socialtext as an innovated new approach to improving collaboration and e-learning across the agency.

    Follow Mark on Twitter @Moehler

    8:00-8:30 Q&A and continue networking

    To reserve your spot, contact me at alan.lepofsky@socialtext.com letting me know your name, title and which agency you represent and I’ll add you to the registration list. If you have any topics or questions that you would like the speakers to cover, please let us know.

    For more information about how Socialtext can help your agency, visit our Government site.

    We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday the 23rd at Muse Lounge.



    Eugene Lee Discusses Socialtext with TMC

    Rich Tehrani, CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) interviews Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext.

    Eugene explains Socialtext’s place in the enterprise social software market, highlighting our complete integrated platform, the use-case of social intranets, Socialtext Connect, the competition, our various deployment models and why customers should choose Socialtext.

    How Key Is Integration In Your Social Software Strategy?

    The recording of last week’s webinar, Integration: The Next Frontier For Enterprise Social Software is now available.

    The hour long session includes:

    • Rob Koplowitz from Forrester Research discuss the various ways enterprise social software vendors are integrating their offerings with other tools.
    • Shafayet Imam from Equity Trust Company providing an overview of how they are using Socialtext as the company’s internal communication framework.
    • Alan Lepofsky from Socialtext demonstrates Socialtext Connect for both Microsoft SharePoint and for Salesforce.com

    Here are the slides from the event, but I encourage you to listen to the recording to get the most value from the content.

    What are your thoughts about the role integration plays in the success of social software?

    Webinar – Integration: The Next Frontier For Enterprise Social Software

    Register for Integration: The Next Frontier For Enterprise Social Software – Thu July 28th, 12pm ET

    Presented by Socialtext, along with

    If your organization is looking to deploy social software, but you’re concerned about whether or not your employees will embrace the new tools, then we’re here to help.

    One of the keys to successful adoption of social software is finding ways to integrate “social features” with the core processes that run your business today. For example, augmenting your existing Contact Management, Financial Reporting, Learning Management and Content Repositories, makes it easy for your staff to use the new social features “in-the-flow” of their daily tasks.

    People don’t want a new way to work, they want a better way – and this webinar will help you learn how to provide it.


    Rob Koplowitz Guest speaker, Rob Koplowitz, Vice President & Principal Analyst at independent research firm, Forrester Research, Inc. will discuss the various ways enterprise social software vendors are integrating their offerings with other tools. He’ll covere the benefits and best practices of integration, including a case study of how accounting firm Hayes Knight has integrated Socialtext into their customer support business processes, enabling them to respond faster to the needs of their clients.
    Shafayet Imam Shafayet Imam, Senior Systems Architect at Equity Trust Company will discuss how they are using Socialtext as the company’s internal communication framework for crucial data and information that impact every employee on a daily basis. He will share the success factors as well as some of the lessons learnt around implementing an effective platform based on Socialtext.

    Register for Integration: The Next Frontier For Enterprise Social Software – Thu July 28th, 12pm ET

    Socialtext Adds Page-Likes and An Awesome Page Tracker Widget

    This past weekend Socialtext 4.7.3 was made available to all our customers.  It introduces several new features that will help you share, discover and manage content like never before.

    I Like That!

    A new “Like” button has been added to Socialtext workspace pages, enabling people to indicate to their colleagues which content they like the most. Hovering your mouse over the Like button displays a list of the people that have liked the page. The new Like features are also available via workspace views and search results, both of which can be sorted so that the most liked pages are displayed at the top of the list.

    Page Likes

    Flexible Project Management

    The new Page Tracker widget provides a graphical way to display links to Socialtext workspace pages. The widget uses columns to organize pages based on a series of tags. There are a variety of uses for the Page Tracker widget, including project management, workflow processes such as accounts payable, organizing marketing material and more. The image below provides an example of how the widget can be used for task management, where the columns display links to pages representing tasks in their various stages and priorities. The Page Tracker widget can be embedded into a wiki page, Group home page or Socialtext Dashboard.

    Page Tracker Widget - Displayed On A Wiki Page

    Additional Socialtext 4.7.3 Screenshots showcasing Page-Likes and the Page Tracker widget are available on the web.

    What Time Is It?

    Prior to this release, you had to define the timezone in each workspace you belong to. Now there is a single global setting that covers all your workspaces, plus all time formats now include the year. From inside any workspace, click settings at the top right, then on the left click My Workspaces, then Preferences-Time.

    I know you’re going to enjoy using these new features along with the other improvements this release provides.

    Angry Beans Take Flight At Enterprise 2.0 Boston

    Now that I’ve recovered from last week’s Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, I wanted to take a moment and thank Steve Wylie and the entire UBM TechWeb team for putting on another great event. While the Hines Convention Center did feel like a cavernous maze at times, overall this was a much better location than those used in previous years.

    At the show we made two announcements:
    1) A new product offering that delivers introNetworks’ powerful Visual Matching Engine™ inside Socialtext‘s enterprise social networking platform. At our booth we highlighted how introNetworks can help people find colleagues with matching skills, passions and experience. This is just the start, stay tuned for more information about Socialtext and introNetworks integration.
    2) Socialtasks, a flexible project management tool that makes it easy to create and manage Socialtext pages.

    To add some fun to the showcase floor, we introduced Angry Beans, our version of the popular game corn-hole. As you can see in the pictures below, it was a lot of fun. There were some very skilled players and some others that… well they had a good time.

    Socialtext Integrates introNetworks Visual Matching Engine To Help Connect Colleagues

    Socialtext announced a new product offering today that delivers introNetworks’ powerful Visual Matching Engine™ inside Socialtext’s enterprise social networking platform. This robust integration improves people’s ability to pull together relevant colleagues and solve business challenges together in real-time.

    The integration includes 3 new widgets for use in Socialtext:

    • Social Radar: This visualization of a user’s best matches can be placed on a Dashboard, embedded in a Profile, and used on Group pages to show how the members of a Group are all related to each other by Skills, Passions, Experience and Interests.
    • Attribute Selector: This interactive tool gives users the ability to not only select attributes that describe themselves but specify how important each attribute is. When words are ranked from Important to Most Important, the embedded engine can make extremely precise matches.
    • Profile Attributes: This embeddable widget shows how users describe themselves using the Attribute Selector and which ones they have in common with the person viewing their Profile. Used to help find common interests and subject matter experts, this simple and powerful visualization is a key addition to the Profile page.

    More information about each component can be found on the introNetworks site.


    Visit Socialtext’s Booth At The Enterprise 2.0 Conference and Play Angry Beans

    Long conference days certainly can get monotonous, so we were thinking… what spices things up more than a little friendly competition? So, at this year’s Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, Socialtext is introducing Angry Beans, our version of the popular backyard game cornhole.

    Teams consisting of two players will battle it out in a single elimination bracket to determine who’s the Angriest Bean of them all. All attendees are eligible including speakers, vendors, press and analysts. Competition will take place at the Socialtext booth (207) during Expo hours on Tuesday and Wed, with the finals being held at 5pm Wed.

    Do you think you’ve got game? Pick your partner and signup via the comments section below.

    How Social Software Helps People Get Work Done

    The opening section of the following slides shows how social software has evolved from tools that “help individuals be more productive” to “services that let people share and discover information with almost anyone, anywhere in the world.”

    This is followed by information and tips that can help promote active and ongoing use of social software tools within your organization.

    About This Blog

    Weblog on gaining business results from social software.

    On this blog, Socialtext staffers and customers explore how companies can gain the most business value from their use of enterprise social software, including microblogging, social networking, filtered activity streams, widget-based dashboards, blogs and wikis.


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