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  • Socialtext Signals Turns Two

    SignalsToday is the second anniversary of Socialtext Signals. When we launched, it was the first microblogging offering that was part of an integrated social software platform.

    We’ve continued to enhance it ever since with agile upgrades every two weeks. New features, mobile, desktop and SharePoint access. And most recently surfacing exceptions to process from traditional enterprise applications with Socialtext Connect.

    While Socialtext’s platform has evolved substantially over the past seven years, Signals has been both the simplest and most powerful addition. With rapid adoption traits, it is the fastest way for a company to get the benefits of communication and knowledge sharing across boundaries.

    Given that this post is about microblogging I’ll keep it short. But its nice to see one of your kids grow up.

    Socialtext Wins the First Startup Cup

    TechCrunch: Startup Soccer Tournament Raises $1,200 for Charity:Water

    …The matches were hard-fought, and much sweat (and some blood) was spilled as each company vied for the top prize. In the end, SocialText came out the leader, led by company cofounder Ross Mayfield. And there were no losers: everyone got free Chipotle burritos and Subway sandwiches. I’ve never seen so many burritos at once. It was beautiful..

    Socialtext wins the Startup Cup
    Originally uploaded by Ross Mayfield

    startupcup4-whiteYesterday we won the first Startup Cup soccer tourney. Really fun single elimination tournament organized by Weebly that included Footballistic, Slide, Square, TechCrunch, Scribd, Uservoice, Revision3, Xobni, Box.net, WePay and Kabam. Here’s the Flickr set.

    There really should be more startup events like this, and the infamous Bowling 2.0 which we won back in 2006.

    SaaS Appliances Bring the Cloud to the Enterprise

    Software Appliances were initially created for high performance network and security infrastructure with lower administration costs. Over time the Appliance model moved up the stack from email appliances to a diverse set of business applications. This trend has continued in parallel to the rise of SaaS and Cloud Computing. SaaS Appliances provide pre-configured, self-contained applications with on-premises deployment that can be automatically updated and upgraded. While the Cloud is the center of attention these days, SaaS Appliances have been quietly evolving up the stack while adapting the best of web-oriented architecture for clouds inside companies.

    Whenever there are security or regulatory constraints that demand on-premises deployment, SaaS Appliances can deliver where the Cloud cannot. While several years from now these constraints may change, this is the reality for many enterprises and government agencies. Any SaaS vendor who does deliver both Cloud and SaaS Appliance deployment models from a single image of their software is simply reducing their total addressable market.

    Compared to traditional on-premises software, SaaS Appliances provide rapid deployment that shortens technical pilots, fast upgrade cycles without degrading service level and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

    Combined with subscription business models that let the enterprise right-size the deployment, the ability to deliver or turn on additional applications (e.g. upgrading a Microblogging Appliance to a full Social Software Appliance) provide the flexibility and fit for adoption concurrent with business value.

    Traditional enterprise applications such as CRM or ERP will move to the Cloud, but not just because a customer chooses the Cloud over traditional deployment. The Cloud will come to them. For example, I can’t wait for a customer to migrate apps and users to the Cloud so we can enable the integrated value proposition of Social Software working across organization and application silos.

    Socialtext Releases Chatroulette for the Enterprise

    Today Socialtext released the latest cutting-edge social software for the enterprise, unleashing a revolution in Randomized Productivity Management (RPM).

    The following video has details:

    RPM takes social to a new level. We’ve been hard at work adapting the best of the social web, from Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and more for enterprise use. Socialtext users can immediately start clicking on their navigation bar to realize immediate ROI.

    Signup for your own account today.

    Dachis Group and Socialtext Partner to Advance Dynamic Signals

    I’m in Austin at the Social Business Summit, where we just announced a partnership with the Dachis Group. Our initial focus is with their Dynamic Signals practice, driven by Jevon MacDonald, who blogged:

    The new Socialtext 4.0 is a great example of an out of the box Social Business Software that can be deployed quickly to enable signaling and collaboration within an organization. Socialtext’s support for Dynamic Signals and the ability to integrate external systems via a rich set of APIs has made Socialtext one of the most powerful and easily deployed solutions available.

    We have a long standing relationship with Headshift, the leading social software consultancy in Europe, which was acquired by the Dachis Group last Fall.

    “The Socialtext team are true pioneers in social business and E2.0, and their investment in product development means Socialtext has stayed consistently ahead of the curve in adopting new features such as activity streams, micro-blogging and social networking. Without doubt, Socialtext is one of the leading social business platforms available today.” – Lee Bryant, Managing Director, Europe

    Just as the Portal market drove the consolidation of enterprise search into a single command line, Socialtext and its partners will unify Activity Streams and Microblogging to cross-fertilize application silos. This is more than an IT strategy, and the expertise of the Dachis Group will prove a valuable partner for helping companies optimize their signal flow towards business goals.

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    Web 2.0 Goes to Work with the Washington Post and McGraw-Hill

    Last week I had the pleasure moderating a session at the Web 2.0 Expo with two of our customers, The Washington Post and McGraw-Hill. Our session, Web 2.0 Goes to Work: How Two Media Companies Implemented Business Social Software got high marks for sharing practical insights.

    Below are their presentations, we will share an audio recording when available.

    Enterprise Social Software at the Washington Post

    View more documents from Dave Burke.

    Web 2.0 Goes to Work at McGraw Hill

    View more presentations from ross.

    More Socialtext customer stories can be found here.

    Socialtext Announces Partner Program to Foster Greater Enterprise 2.0 Value

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ — As enterprises purchase social software to improve internal collaboration, Socialtext has launched a new Services Partners Program to increase the business value that customers gain from its platform. The first participants in the program are Future Changes, Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0, SiftGroups, SpanStrategies, The Adoption Council and Winkwaves. These services and consulting firms specialize in different strategic practices for deploying social software in the enterprise, not only ensuring fast adoption by employees, but driving positive business results in the process.

    “We’re excited to have a great group of service partners who can help bring depth and value to customers who want Socialtext to free the flow of work at their organizations,” said Eugene Lee, CEO of Socialtext. “For too long, people have missed opportunities because they didn’t know which of their colleagues might have information that could help solve a customer’s problem or adapt to a change in the market. These service partners will help you get up-and-running on our platform in no time, and assist with cultural assessment, project selection and prioritization.”

    “We focus on helping organizations tap strategically into the value of social computing and enterprise social media while actively managing the potential risks and concerns,” said Dion Hinchcliffe, President and CTO of Hinchcliffe & Company. “Socialtext is a vital platform for our new agile social business adoption approach known as ‘Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0.’ Socialtext provides a wide range of compelling models for social collaboration between workers, trading partners, and customers that we feel is best-of-breed, mature, and proven in many industries and verticals.”

    “Socialtext provides software that helps teams improve knowledge sharing, streamline the input and revision process for key documents, and replace interruption with interaction,” said Stewart Mader, Founder and Senior Consultant at Future Changes. “Future Changes provides guidance, training, and analytics to help your organization embed the software into core business processes and catalyze widespread adoption.”

    “Customers expect tangible value from social computing investments, in the context of business process and key performance goals that they work against every day,” said Sameer Patel, Founder of SpanStrategies. “The Span team has over a decade of experience helping leading organizations accelerate performance via the use of communication and collaboration frameworks and technologies in the context of business process. The Socialtext platform has proven experience with supporting key functions in the enterprise. This partnership with Socialtext enables us to help organizations execute their business objectives by surgically injecting the use of social constructs and software where it can truly deliver tangible performance improvement.”

    “Socialtext has always been a leader in galvanizing the business community to embrace 2.0 technologies for strategic advantage,” said Susan Scrupski, Founder of The 2.0 Adoption Council. “The 2.0 Adoption Council is delighted to participate in this program, as our members are always eager for new sources of learning and market intelligence.”

    “Over the past decade we’ve helped many organisations develop thriving external communities, and we’ve often needed to demonstrate the potential benefits in a controlled, internal way whilst ensuring that our clients are confident of the security and functionality of the application,” said James Skinner, COO of SiftGroups. “Socialtext gives us the ability to roll out a proven set of tools rapidly, allowing our clients to get straight to work and deliver value to their teams whilst simultaneously building stronger cases for investment in wider rollouts of Web 2.0 technology.”

    For further information visit: http://socialtext.com/partners/

    About Socialtext

    As the Enterprise 2.0 leader, Socialtext applies Web 2.0 technologies to the critical challenges facing businesses. Enterprise 2.0 enables the collective intelligence of many, which provides a competitive advantage by increasing innovation, corporate agility, strengthening customer relationships and growing revenue. Socialtext provides hosted and appliance-based solutions to more than 5,000 customers world-wide, including Acumen Fund, BASF, Boston College, Davies Public Affairs, Egon Zehnder International, Emergent Solutions, Epitaph Records, The Hospital for Sick Children, IKEA, MicroStrategy, ‘mktg’, OSIsoft, SAP and Symantec.

    People are the Platform. Socialtext Workspace is the first enterprise wiki and includes robust capabilities such as collaborative blogs. Socialtext Signals provides private Twitter-style microblogging. Socialtext People enables enterprise social networking. Socialtext Dashboard provides personalized and customizable widget-based interface for people and teams to manage attention. SocialCalc is the social spreadsheet for distributed teams. Socialtext Desktop brings it all together in a dynamic desktop application. Learn more about Socialtext at www.socialtext.com.

    About Hinchcliffe & Company, Inc.

    Hinchcliffe & Company is a leading premier consulting firm in the areas of Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, social computing, cloud computing, and next-generation SOA. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Hinchcliffe & Company delivers strategy and implementation services across North America, Europe, and Asia. Specializing in large enterprises, Hinchcliffe & Company’s clients includes some of the largest companies in the world on three continents.

    Combining thought leading approaches with agile methods, cutting-edge research and innovative techniques matched with extensive field experience, Hinchcliffe & Company offers one of the most effective and up-to-date approaches for helping businesses transform to newer and more effective models for computing, IT, and business. Hinchcliffe & Company also founded and operates the popular Web 2.0 University, which it uses to drive strategic change in organizations around the world. Learn more about Hinchcliffe & Company at www.hinchcliffeandcompany.com.

    About Future Changes

    Stewart Mader, Founder and Senior Consultant, has led or advised enterprise-wide wiki deployments in Fortune 500 companies, universities, nonprofits, small and medium size companies. He is the author of two books: Wikipatterns and Using Wiki in Education, and created the widely-used Wikipatterns.com community for sharing enterprise social software adoption strategies. Advisory services include: BarnRaising workshops, Return on Adoption (ROA) measurement, and guidance on Pilot, Policy & Adoption Patterns. His website, Future Changes (futurechanges.org), is a popular source of strategies and guidance on how to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing within teams and organizations. It has been cited by publications including The Guardian (UK), The New Yorker, Fast Company, InfoWorld, and InformationWeek. http://www.futurechanges.org/

    About SpanStrategies

    SpanStrategies is strategy and execution services firm that brings together leading strategists, designers and technologists to help our clients accelerate business performance. Our team members have led strategic initiatives for leading organizations such as McKesson, Sun Microsystems, W.R.Wrigley & Co., Ingres and The Sabre Group in the areas of workplace collaboration, sales and marketing process efficiency and distribution partner and supplier networks. With strong roots in business process efficiency, we help our clients understand and exploit new performance acceleration opportunities afforded by social computing constructs and technologies to drive revenue and reduce cost.

    Span is based in Palo Alto with a network of domain experts across the United States and Canada. More information at http://www.spanstrategies.com

    About The 2.0 Adoption Council

    The 2.0 Adoption Council is an exclusive community for peer-based, information-sharing on the latest thinking, best practices, case studies, and strategic counsel associated with executing socio-collaborative strategies and projects in the large enterprise. Members include many of the largest market-leading multi-nationals who are currently in some phase of 2.0 adoption. For more information on the Council, visit http://www.20adoptioncouncil.com.

    About SiftGroups

    We provide social media consultancy services and technologies to enable organisations to develop and sustain rewarding relationships with their audiences. Through working with publishers, membership bodies, charities and the public sector, we understand that a rewarding relationship might mean member retention to one organisation, and outright profit to another.

    Our techniques help reveal the potential benefits that can be gained from investment in social media, and set out a strategy for delivering and sustaining those benefits.

    We’ve been working with social media for more than a decade. Of course, in the early 1990s the term ‘social media’ hadn’t been coined yet, but communities with common interests were already taking advantage of the web to bring people together to network, discuss and debate. Our home-grown technology platform supported over 100 titles until late-2007 when we made the move to Open Source software, using Drupal to realise the benefits of a huge developer community coming together to deliver advanced functionality and reliability. http://www.sift.com/

    About Winkwaves

    Winkwaves is the Dutch agency for social media and knowledge management. We advise organizations on the strategic meaning and value of social media. Based on a human and scientific understanding of social behavior and profound knowledge of the latest trends in technology, we design virtual places where people like to meet, feel connected, feel safe en feel challenged to have meaningful conversations. http://winkwaves.com

    Altimeter Group Webinar on Enterprise 2.0 Business Value

    blog-newlogo.jpgNext Monday we are hosting a webinar with the Altimeter Group on 6 Ways to Get Business Value with Enterprise 2.0. Presenters include:

    There are different ways to achieve success with social software. You can deploy broad, or deep, focus on formal vs. informal processes, etc. Learn the different options, and the risks and rewards of each. Using the right strategy, your company can get transformative value. But without a strategy, your project will flounder. Learn which approach is right for your organization.

    In this even you will learn:

    • 6 ways social software is successfully rolled out to organizations
    • The deployment approach that is right for you
    • The business value you can expect to achieve
    • How to get the highest business value with the lowest risk

    Attendees will receive:

    An Assessment Guide to help you determine the strategy that is best fit for your organization
    A whitepaper with examples of companies who have used each strategies

    Register for the event now.

    Trio of Enterprise Leaders Launches “Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0″ Service to Make Social Computing Easier and More Successful

    Today Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0, a new strategy and implementation service provider, was announced by Hinchcliffe & Company, Asuret and Socialtext. Pragmatic Enterprise 2.0 is intended to achieve a new level of maturity in the industry and is designed to provide businesses with the easiest, lowest-risk “on ramp” to the benefits of social computing.

    gI_0_powersocialbusinessheadline.jpg I’m pleased to have Socialtext selected as the default Social Software Platform for the new service. The strength of our product capabilities, Web Oriented Architecture and superior adoption characteristics make it a natural choice.

    Dion Hinchcliffe and Michael Krigsman are more than thought leaders in Enterprise 2.0 and IT Project Risk Management. They have developed a practice, that in combination with our toolset, offers differentiated strategic benefits in large scale implementation for organizations with the right risk profile. I see the development of these specialist service providers and evolution of practices as a maturation proof point for Enterprise 2.0.

    To learn more, see the press release and visit http://hinchcliffeandcompany.com/pragmaticenterprise2/.

    Enterprise Microblogging Whitepaper

    Socialtext just released a whitepaper on the value of Enterprise Microblogging. At a time when many companies are exploring what a “Private Twitter” could do for them, the paper helps them understand:

    • Microblogging basics
    • Public vs. Enterprise use
    • Best practices for Email, IM, Forums and Microblogging
    • Microblogging Adoption
    • The Business Value of Microblogging

    Also of interest is tomorrow’s Microblogging Webinar. Daniel Pritchett notes, “These are the same folks who brought us the excellent #twitterprise webinar series earlier this year. Highly recommended.”

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