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  • Socialtext introduces Socialtext 5 – welcome to the power, the ease and the flow of the future!

    We here at Socialtext have all been rubbing our hands together eagerly in anticipation of the ST5 release for several months …. and the day has finally arrived!  What, you might be asking yourself, is all the noise about?  This release marks an evolution for Socialtext that has been some time coming, bringing together the combined suggestions of our most inspired customers, genius designs from Tangible UX and the force of nature that is our development team.

    We have taken what has always been the most flexible, elegant Enterprise Social Software platform and elevated it to new heights.  This release sees a complete overhaul of the user interface, introduces a world-class rich text editor and a barrel-load of other features that make Socialtext more accessible, social and successful than ever before.

    We know you’re going to love this release as much as we do, but it’s just the beginning for the awesome work that is coming your way this year. The 5.0 release takes us closer to 100% HTML5, greatly simplifies content organization, incorporates the power of a deep partner module with IntroNetworks’ SocialRadar, and paves the way for mobile applications – we’re cutting a path ahead of us in Social Software with innovative, enterprise class features and a proven adoption methodology that equals an unbeatable combination.  Care to join us?

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    On this blog, Socialtext staffers and customers explore how companies can gain the most business value from their use of enterprise social software, including microblogging, social networking, filtered activity streams, widget-based dashboards, blogs and wikis.


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