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    Game On: Recent Article Discusses How Gamification is Changing Business

    Deloitte analysts believe that by 2014, 70% of global businesses will use at least one gamification application. Gamification drives employee engagement, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency. Businesses are taking note of this relationship between gamification and employee engagement and are bringing some fun and games into the office.

    A recent article by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) explains that companies want to implement social collaboration platforms, and can use game mechanics as an incentive to use the software. The article cites both Socialtext and Badgeville as leaders in understanding gamification and how to apply it to different businesses. Socialtext and Badgeville think it’s important to consider what behaviors you want to elicit and then figure out which mechanics will lead to that behavior. While gamification can work across industries, the approach and mechanics applied must shift, depending on the end goal. Socialtext and Badgeville have become partners for precisely this reason: to combine a collaborative social software platform with game mechanics, to ultimately drive employee engagement.

    To read more about gamification, and how to apply it your business, click here to view the full article.

    Socialtext Partners with Badgeville – An Exciting Opportunity to Get our Game On!


    Socialtext is proud to announce our partnership with Badgeville, the industry leader in gamification tools for business. Socialtext is committed to creating a social, collaborative environment for our customers that engages our employees and empowers them to produce the best work possible. Our recognition program, powered by Badgeville, will allow organizations to incentivize best practices, recognize their top performers, and reward achievement instantly. Read more to find out how through this partnership, Socialtext is working to change the culture of business from compliance to collaboration.

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