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    Live Webinar: Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange

    On August 29th, Socialtext is teaming up with leading analyst firm Forrester Research and partner ClimateWorks, for a live webinar titled: Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange.

    Knowledge sharing continues to evolve within enterprises. In a day-in-age where efficient internal collaboration is crucial to help attract new talent, build company revenue and inspire innovation, the companies that recognize this and continue to push boundaries of knowledge management will maintain their position as industry leaders with a competitive advantage.

    As we embark on regular use of new collaborative social tools, more and more companies will see less of a need for a system of content platform and static document sharing. Instead, having the ability to communicate in real-time has become the norm and enables employees to not only achieve more connectedness under one corporate roof, but connect on a global scale.

    In this webinar, leading Forrester expert Kate Leggett will begin the conversation by providing industry trends and insights on the future of the social knowledge exchange. She will be joined by Sarah Nichols, director of knowledge management at ClimateWorks, which is a foundation dedicated to supporting public policies that prevent dangerous climate change.

    ClimateWorks is an example of successful adoption of social tools and has leveraged its social intranet to:

    • Create a central services portal that connects its global network of non-profits
    • Connect systems of record to systems of engagement
    • Develop innovative UX search and content discovery mechanisms
    • Apply best practices to increase intranet adoption and usage.

    Be sure to join us on August 29th at 10:00 a.m. PT/ 1:00 p.m. ET to learn more about how your company can benefit from implementing a social strategy. Register to save your spot today.

    Are You Ready To Make Your Intranet Social?

    During yesterday’s Making Your Intranet Social webinar , Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee asked attendees to submit their ideas for the “Top 10 Reasons You Know You Need To Update Your Intranet.” We received more than 100, fantastic submissions, and the winner (see below) will receive an Apple iPad and the two runner-ups Socialtext t-shirts. The ideas included references to Star Trek, Facebook, Post-It-Notes, Liquid Paper, blinking text, the water cooler, even Dionne Warwick and the Psychic Friends Network!

    After a long review, I present you with the top ten as voted on by my fellow Socialtexters:

    Top 10 Reasons You Know You Need To Update Your Intranet:
    10. The most common question about it is “What Intranet?”
    9. Today employees just look for the cafeteria lunch menu
    8. The CEO was given upgrade suggestions from their 5th grader
    7. The employee directory still lists job titles from 6 years ago
    6. You want to level the playing field between the introverts and extroverts
    5. Your organization has more silos than on all of the farms in the state of Vermont
    4. There are more servers under employees’ desks running wikis and blogs than in the server room
    3. When you click on the link to open it, you hear “No, I’m sorry, Dave. I cannot do that …”
    2. The CFO thought microblogging was cheaper than blogging
    1. You’re not popular on Facebook but maybe you could be a corporate collaboration hero

    Think you have a better one? Then share it with us in the comments section below.

    We asked the same question internally and here are some of our own ideas:

    • To change anything you need to launch DreamWeaver
    • A common search result is “Your guess is as good as mine”
    • The amount of “forgot password” requests exceeds actual log-ins
    • Your still searching for the right person via org charts
    • There is a logo that says “Download Internet Explorer 4.0 now!”
    • Profile pictures are in ASCII art
    • PROFS is one of the menu options
    • 404 page says “Powered by Apache 0.8. Copyright 1998. All Rights Reserved”

    While this was all in good fun, the fact is that many organizations are in serious need of an intranet upgrade. Some of yesterday’s participants shared with us the real reasons they are looking to update their intranet:

    • Because taxonomies don’t solve problems, people do
    • So that we can work and communicate more effectively
    • An intranet without social is like a phone without a dial tone… missing its true potential
    • We are going social to get out of our silos, collaborate, find info faster, connect with experts
    • We need our intranet to be more social so that we can leverage our global capabilities and reach our full collective potential
    • To help new employees who may not know something like how to book projectors or where to find specialists – they could quickly ask a colleague rather than sitting at their desks feeling despondent
    • A more dynamic intranet with help us turn the “light bulb” into a spot light

    For more information, a recorded playback of yesterday’s webinar is available. Are you ready to have Socialtext turn your intranet into a compelling and strategic corporate tool?

    Socialtext – Where work gets done. Together.

    Win a Free iPad at Tomorrow’s Forrester Webinar on Social Intranets

    We hope you’re excited for tomorrow’s free Forrester Webinar on Social Intranets. During the webinar, Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee will ask the audience members to submit the “top reason why your company wants to make your intranet more dynamic and social.” The winner will receive a free iPad.

    This is meant to be fun. The answers can be fictitious and snarky, mirroring a David Letterman “top 10” format. To determine the winner, the Socialtext staff will vote on the answers and tweet it from the Socialtext handle.

    If you have haven’t done so already, register for this free webinar today!

    Forrester Webinar: Socialtext Customer American Hospital Association To Share Experiences Building a Social Intranet

    Corporate intranets have been around for years, but is your company’s intranet as effective as you would like it to be? Is the content up to date? Are people easily able to find relevant colleagues and information?

    In recent years, organizations have been embracing social software platforms to build a vibrant, social intranet spanning the whole enterprise. With easy to use social networking tools that mirror the experience they have on the consumer web, the intranet is becoming the place where work gets done. People can easily share information, freshen content and connect with colleagues in real-time. By integrating this social intranet with existing business systems, this is resulting in better communication and collaboration across departmental boundaries.

    Next Wednesday (January 26), Socialtext customer the American Hospital Association (AHA) will share its experiences in deploying a social intranet enterprise wide in a webinar co-hosted with Forrester Research. AHA CIO Jack MacKay will highlight key motivations for deploying a social intranet, including what the business challenges were, what benefits they have achieved, and how they are integrating it with existing business processes and systems.

    In addition, Forrester senior analyst Tim Walters will begin the webinar by highlighting key industry trends that have brought the social intranet to the forefront of many IT initiatives. Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee will serve as moderator, and there will be a time for Q&A with the audience members afterward.

    Please sign up for this free event, and we hope to see as many of you on as possible!

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