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    Could Your Intranet Win an Ugly Sweater Contest?

    With the holidays in full swing I have been invited to a few of those ugly holiday sweater parties and I was on the quest to find one that will land me first prize. I even shelled out a few extra dollars for some holiday pants too, thinking if I have an over-the top, crazy, but complete ensemble I would surely smoke all of my competition. Wish me luck.

    I then started to think about how so many companies have an ugly intranet and if they did was it ugly enough to win an ugly intranet contest? Trust me I used to work at a company where it could turn into a week long quest to find any useful information. The intranet was so cumbersome and annoying that no one wanted to use it, EVER!

    I bet you are wondering what made it so ugly, here’s the nitty gritty:

    • The home page was a complete jumble of this and that, no structure – no rhyme or reason
    • It was a dumping ground of information overload, where you would have to dig to find exactly who or what you needed
    • There was no sense of content ownership either, there was content posted that was so outdated that it talked about releases that happened years prior
    • It wasn’t connected to other systems that I needed to use such as a CRM or learning tools
    • When I wanted to post something I had to submit it in an unsearchable document library that asked me to fill out all this metadata and key word mubo-jumbo that didn’t even make it easy to find it once it was posted
    • If it was that bad on a PC, I didn’t dare try to use it on my mobile device – why create angst for myself
    • Sadly I could not work or share information in groups with members of my teams – and all correspondence was done by email after email

    If the above bullets about how terrible my experience was sounds like your current intranet experience,  congratulations you just won the ugly intranet contest.  Let me tell you what you won. Don’t worry, it’s not a Chia Pet. Its  a gift from me to you that will help make your intranet sparkle this holiday season.

    What do you want this holiday season? I bet it’s a social intranet that:

    • Is accessible from anywhere – no matter what digital device you are using
    • Allows you to join and create groups that you can work and share information effortlessly
    • Personalizes your experience so that connections and communications are relevant
    • Your able to work in a space where you can connect to the tools you use every day to do your job
    • Has  resources available in one place that is easy to locate, share, update and download
    • Fosters innovation and share new ideas with employees
    • Can measure how employees use the social intranet and how their activity can lead to improved ROI

    Bottom line – no one wants a gift that they have to stand in line to return, better yet one they wouldn’t even want to re-gift. Why bother using an outdated, undesirable, non-performing intranet when you should be using a social intranet that nurtures connections to employees, directs workers to resources they need, creates a collaborative space into a super powerful communication hub, fosters learning across the entire organization, and strengthens both internal and external relationships.

    By implementing the right social intranet that they will enjoy using, you will give your employees a gift that keeps on giving!

    Happy Holidays!

    New videos on editing pages, images and more!

    We’ve been busy over here at Socialtext, adding new features and enhancing our latest version of Socialtext 5.0.  Here’s some training videos we’ve put together that highlight some of those new features and enhancements.

    Socialtext Page Editor

    Our easy to use page editor enables you to create pages just like you would in any document editing program.  You can easily change fonts, background color, add bullets, numbered lists, tables of any size, insert images or videos…. The list goes on and on – take a look here.

    Working With Images – Basics

    This video will walk you through the basics of adding images to your pages, how to size images and how to align them as well as few extra tidbits we’ve thrown in.

    Working With Images – Advanced

    Here, you’ll learn how to apply some advanced functions to your images such as word wrapping, adding image borders, linking to a website and more.

    Working with Tables

    Working with tables has never been easier, this handy tutorial will show you how to add tables into your pages and specify the exact look you want for them, including alignment within the page, or defining the size of columns and rows. Our handy one click icons enable you to quickly add rows and columns, move rows and columns or just cells.   You can also customize cells with color backgrounds and also enable sorting on different columns or rows.  We’ve also added a bonus tip so be sure to watch the video to find that tip.

    Chicago Enterprise Social Networking Event Wrap Up

    Last night, we hosted an enterprise social networking event in Chicago as part of an ongoing series to highlight best practices shared by Socialtext customers.

    It followed our event in New York in April featuring the CIO of NYU Stern (which you can read about here).

    Jack MacKay, VP and CIO of the American Hospital Association, led last night’s discussion at Harry Caray’s in Chicago, and it was a great one. Jack shared how the AHA has built a vibrant social intranet running on Socialtext.

    The reason for AHA’s success: Utilizing enterprise social networking to enhance existing business processes and systems. Using Socialtext Connect, our integration technology, the AHA integrated key HR and document management systems into its social intranet, making it a place where work gets done inside the company. I uploaded the slides to SlideShare so you can get more of the details.

    After the presentation, other Socialtext customers — including FONA International and Hospira — joined in a roundtable discussion about fostering adoption and value from their enterprise social networking efforts.

    We’re looking forward to the next event, and appreciate everyone who came out and contributed to a great discussion.

    ISS Mexico Brings People to the Forefront with Social Intranet

    We’ve been noticing an exciting trend amidst our customer base: They’ve been making their intranets social. We saw a great presentation from the American Hospital Association back in January about how they’ve built a social intranet on Socialtext, and today I’m happy to share the story of another.

    This morning, we published a new case study about ISS Mexico. Headquarted in Mexico City, ISS Facility Service Mexico is the largest and leading integrated provider in Mexico for cleaning, maintenance and catering services, and has 20 offices spread throughout the country.

    I’ll let you read the case study, but in summary, ISS Mexico wanted to provide a place to connect people with relevant colleagues and information, enabling them to adapt key business processes quickly and flexibly.

    Some key takeaways: ISS Mexico has enjoyed great adoption by identifying key business processes that could be moved into their social intranet, ensuring it’s a technology that employees use to perform their best work together.

    “Adoption happened pretty naturally,” Erick Vera, Enterprise Social Media Manager at ISS Mexico, told me. “People were amazed that they could get all this information about their colleagues in other offices that they’d never had before, both what they were interested in, and all the things they’re working on.”

    Enjoy the case study, and let us know if you have any questions about ISS Mexico’s use case or any others. We keep a good well of them here on our customer page.

    ClimateWorks Foundation Connects Global Network Partners With Enterprise Social Software

    The ClimateWorks Foundation supports public policies that help prevent dangerous climate change tied to global warming. With network partners across the world, the foundation supports a global team of organizations and experts within sectors and geographic regions where there is the greatest potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the United States, China, India, Latin America and Europe.

    With teams focused on transportation, energy efficiency, climate policy, forestry and renewable energy, ClimateWorks needed a central, secure place to harness knowledge and share ideas openly across these sectors. To support this effort, ClimateWorks chose Socialtext’s enterprise social software platform.

    The addition of Socialtext is part of a broader knowledge exchange program occurring at ClimateWorks to support their global mission to achieve substantial carbon abatement by the year 2020. Socialtext will serve as a social intranet and private extranet with partners, where ClimateWorks employees and network organizations can connect with colleagues across the globe and access the relevant information they need to achieve their combined mission.

    Like many Socialtext clients, ClimateWorks decided to give their social intranet a custom name: CWKX (ClimateWorks Knowledge eXchange).

    “CWKX provides the toolkit for optimizing the collaborative creation, capture, organization and sharing of knowledge throughout the entire ClimateWorks Network of partners and affiliates,” says Sarah Nichols, director of knowledge management at ClimateWorks.

    Inside CWKX, every group (whether a strategy team, an external network partner, or internal department) has a workspace where members post the latest scientific and technical research, collaborate on important documentation, discuss strategy proposals, ask for and receive expert advice, post updates, or plan regional and sector summits.

    Previously, Sarah says, most of this collaboration was done via ad-hoc methods. People would email colleagues with updates or documents. “Reply-all” emails would include various changes, and it became very difficult for people to find the experts and information they needed in order to do their best work.

    Now that these interactions are moving into CWKX, “we capture critical institutional knowledge that’s searchable, taggable and easy to find later. Important information doesn’t disappear in an email box or languish on a shared drive. Employees send short messages via Signals, and have deep collaboration inside CWKX workspaces.”

    “At any given moment, we want our network partners to be able to pull together the right colleagues and information they need to tackle the incredibly important challenge the world faces with climate change,” Sarah says. “Our new intranet built on Socialtext helps us deliver on that vision.”

    At New York Event, Customers Share How They Leverage Social Software to Improve Business Performance

    In New York on Thursday, we hosted the first of a Socialtext event series that will be taking place all over the country, bringing together Socialtext customers and IT professionals who want to hear the benefits, challenges and experiences of implementing social software.

    Held at the Silverleaf Tavern in midtown Manhattan, our main speaker was Anand Padmanabhan, CIO of NYU Stern. Anand and his team has deployed social software to nearly 10,000 faculty, students, and staff at NYU Stern, fundamentally transforming communication between those constituencies.

    Anand discussed how NYU Stern approached social software adoption: Combine traditional, informational portal technologies with the easy, social tools inside Socialtext. The result: A vibrant social intranet where work gets done at NYU Stern.

    Michael Idinopulos, our vice president of customer success, also spoke during the event. Michael has coined a phrase that has been very popular in both our customer base and industry followers: Social software in the flow of work. His overall point: If social software exists outside of key business processes and the systems a company has in place, it will be impossible for a company to realize its value. Organizations like NYU Stern, he emphasized, identified key areas and pain points that social software could address, which is why they’ve enjoyed great adoption and value.

    We appreciated everyone who attended the New York event and the great conversations that took place. The Socialtext team is looking forward to our next one in Chicago.

    Win a Free iPad at Tomorrow’s Forrester Webinar on Social Intranets

    We hope you’re excited for tomorrow’s free Forrester Webinar on Social Intranets. During the webinar, Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee will ask the audience members to submit the “top reason why your company wants to make your intranet more dynamic and social.” The winner will receive a free iPad.

    This is meant to be fun. The answers can be fictitious and snarky, mirroring a David Letterman “top 10” format. To determine the winner, the Socialtext staff will vote on the answers and tweet it from the Socialtext handle.

    If you have haven’t done so already, register for this free webinar today!

    Forrester Webinar: Socialtext Customer American Hospital Association To Share Experiences Building a Social Intranet

    Corporate intranets have been around for years, but is your company’s intranet as effective as you would like it to be? Is the content up to date? Are people easily able to find relevant colleagues and information?

    In recent years, organizations have been embracing social software platforms to build a vibrant, social intranet spanning the whole enterprise. With easy to use social networking tools that mirror the experience they have on the consumer web, the intranet is becoming the place where work gets done. People can easily share information, freshen content and connect with colleagues in real-time. By integrating this social intranet with existing business systems, this is resulting in better communication and collaboration across departmental boundaries.

    Next Wednesday (January 26), Socialtext customer the American Hospital Association (AHA) will share its experiences in deploying a social intranet enterprise wide in a webinar co-hosted with Forrester Research. AHA CIO Jack MacKay will highlight key motivations for deploying a social intranet, including what the business challenges were, what benefits they have achieved, and how they are integrating it with existing business processes and systems.

    In addition, Forrester senior analyst Tim Walters will begin the webinar by highlighting key industry trends that have brought the social intranet to the forefront of many IT initiatives. Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee will serve as moderator, and there will be a time for Q&A with the audience members afterward.

    Please sign up for this free event, and we hope to see as many of you on as possible!

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