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    Socialtext Enjoys Record 2009 Performance

    Momentum fueled by doubling of user base, record quarter-over-quarter bookings growth.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Socialtext enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2009, setting its highest quarter-over-quarter bookings growth in the company’s history. Businesses are turning to Socialtext’s social software platform to gain higher levels of employee engagement, commitment and performance not achievable in the past. As the leading enterprise social software company moves into 2010, it expects continued growth in new bookings and renewals, and another record year in overall bookings and revenue.

    “In 2009, there was a collective awakening about the value of greatly improved knowledge flows among a company’s greatest asset, its people,” says Eugene Lee, Socialtext’s CEO. “In 2010, social software will become a staple for enterprises looking to improve the way their employees communicate and get work done.”

    Large and midsized enterprises across many industries — including media, health care, manufacturing, and technology — have deployed Socialtext so their employees can collaborate more easily and tap each other’s expertise, enabling them to stay connected, aligned and informed. With greatly improved knowledge flow and teamwork, these companies can now respond faster to changing market conditions and new revenue opportunities. In doing so, they better meet the needs of their customers.

    “Socialtext got all my smart people pulling in the same direction.”
    Don Smith, Vice President of Customer Service, OSIsoft

    “People call it the single most useful tool that Davies has introduced to staff, period.”
    Brandon Edwards, President & COO, Davies

    To meet customer demand for its enterprise social software platform, Socialtext is expanding, hiring across multiple departments in 2010. While Socialtext is looking forward to the coming year, highlights from 2009 include:

    • From Q1 to Q4, the company grew bookings by more than 200 percent.
    • The company grew its customer base to 6,500, while active users doubled.
    • Each quarter, the company beat its record for renewal bookings.
    • Bookings growth from customer expansions nearly tripled, in large part due to organic adoption of Socialtext’s fully integrated social software platform inside companies.
    • “Once people saw what they could do with Socialtext, each business unit started their own social software revolution.”
      Steve Brewer, Customer Connection Mgr. & Systems Integration,
      FONA International

    • Socialtext released its Microblogging appliance, allowing companies to deploy secure, private microblogging enterprise-wide very quickly, and then expand into other uses of the Socialtext social software platform later, such as deploying a social intranet, a social corporate directory, and letting the activity streams and other automated mechanisms do the work of keeping the organization informed.
    • “With microblogging from Socialtext, people understand each other more, and they know what others are doing. This lets us respond more quickly to new opportunities.”
      Tim Eby, General Manager, St. Louis Public Radio.

    • Socialtext shipped SocialCalc, the first and only social spreadsheet integrated with a social software platform, developed with VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin. SocialCalc has allowed companies to stay in touch with the state of the business.
    • “With SocialCalc, I can go in at one point in the day and see what’s going on in all our active campaigns right now. It helps us distribute information and knowledge faster, so we can react more quickly.”
      Dave Ball, Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Meredith Corporation.

    • Socialtext Desktop allows people to access the Socialtext platform via a fast Adobe AIR app, providing a real-time experience for Activity Streams and Signals.
    • The new Socialtext Mobile brought the enterprise social software platform to employees on-the-go.
    • The company’s new service partners program complements their in-house professional services organization and ensures customers get the fastest adoption and path to strategic business results.
    • The company launched a “freemium” package that allows companies to get up and running with secure microblogging in minutes, providing a replacement for microblogging networks that have cropped up organically among employees, and that are neither secure or IT-friendly.

    About Socialtext:

    As the enterprise social software leader, Socialtext applies Web 2.0 technologies such as microblogging, social networking and wikis to the critical challenges facing large and mid-market businesses. Socialtext’s enterprise social software platform allows employees to share expertise, speed workflows and get their jobs done faster. Socialtext provides hosted and appliance-based solutions to more than 6,500 customers world-wide, including EgonZehnder, Epitaph Records, Mayo Clinic, McGraw-Hill, OSIsoft, Symantec and The Washington Post. Learn more about Socialtext at www.socialtext.com.

    SOURCE Socialtext



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    Demo of SocialCalc and Socialtext Desktop

    Ross demos SocialCalc, the social spreadsheet, and Socialtext Desktop for Robert Scoble.

    Ross Mayfield and Robert Scoble talk about Socialtext and Enterprise 2.0

    Ross Mayfield – Chairman, President, and Co-founder of Socialtext – talks with Robert Scoble.

    Topics include:

    • SocialCalc, the social spreadsheet. On the 30th anniversary of VisiCalc, Socialtext has released a new online spreadsheet that enables distributed teams to work together to solve business problems.
    • The speed and agility of software development in the 2.0 world vs. some of the larger enterprise software vendors
    • Moving beyond “adoption of new tools” to instead talking about the business value of enterprise 2.0, and how tools like microblogging provide value very quickly
    • The change from IT talking about “software stacks” to instead now focusing on the importance of REST APIs
    • Activity streams, and the underlying event engine architecture

    Introduction To SocialCalc

    socialcalc v3642 01.jpg Earlier today we announced that SocialCalc has been taken out of beta.

    Thanks to great feedback from our beta testers, SocialCalc is now available for everyone to start creating and sharing spreadsheets online.

    No more clogging up email with Excel(tm) attachments.

    No more worrying about looking at out of date information and version control.

    No more hassles around merging multiple files together.

    The following 10 minute video will show you how to get started using SocialCalc.

    SocialCalc, the Social Spreadsheet, Comes Out of Beta

    I’m excited to announce we’re removing the beta tag from SocialCalc, the world’s first social spreadsheet. Today marks the 30th anniversary that SocialCalc’s creator Dan Bricklin released VisiCalc, the original spreadsheet and “killer app” that launched the PC revolution. SocialCalc enables large and distributed teams to collaborate across spreadsheets, as an alternative to playing e-mail volleyball with Excel(TM) attachments. Many of our customers have already been having great success using SocialCalc in conjunction with our Socialtext Workspaces (wikis) and Socialtext Signals (microblogging).

    Meredith Corporation, for example, publishes more than 20 magazines, including Better Homes & Garden and Ladies’ Home Journal. Typically, marketing teams at several magazines would input data from new subscriber campaigns into their own spreadsheets. Then, they would e-mail them to Meredith’s consumer marketing department, where they would be laboriously compiled into another master spreadsheet. Now, with SocialCalc, that data can be shared online and in a central location, with the necessary security and version control required by a large enterprise like Meredith. SocialCalc also enables flexible roll-up reporting of key indicators for executives.

    I used to get 10 e-mails a day from different people with these reports,” said Dave Ball, Meredith’s vice president of consumer marketing. “Now, with SocialCalc, I can go in at one point in the day and see what’s going on in all our active campaigns right now. It helps us distribute information and knowledge faster, so we can react more quickly.

    Seeing Meredith’s implementation has been particularly gratifying for our SocialCalc Product Lead Dan Bricklin, who has watched the spreadsheet evolve so much over the years. On October 19th, 1979, Bricklin’s publisher received the first shipment of the completed VisiCalc package and sent a shrink-wrapped copy to his home in Massachusetts. VisiCalc has been credited with helping launch the revolution of personal computers because it gave the machines a practical use for consumers and businesses. But while the sophistication and speed of spreadsheet programs advanced with the computing industry in the following years, most have failed to capitalize on the power of social technologies and the real-time advantages of the Web to speed the flow of work.

    SocialCalc is the next logical step for the spreadsheet,” Bricklin said. “As we move into the social world, as typified by a wiki where there is one current copy that everyone can work from, the spreadsheet needs to move there, too.

    In fact, for years, companies have struggled to update and maintain spreadsheets that reflect the real-time work being done by their employees. Typically, teams e-mail around Excel attachments or upload files to a shared drive, leaving managers unsure about the current state of the business. Although online spreadsheets have replicated aspects of Excel in a web browser, they lack the social capabilities of SocialCalc. This includes the ability for spreadsheets to integrate with enterprise wikis, microblogging tools and social networking profiles like those found in the Socialtext platform.

    SocialCalc is immediately available for trial and for current customers in the October Appliance release. It costs $3 per user per month. New customers who purchase the full Socialtext platform in 2009 get SocialCalc without charge for 2010. Current customers that participated in the beta program get SocialCalc without charge for 2009.

    Socialtext Unveils SocialCalc, the First Social Spreadsheet

    Wiki Pioneer Socialtext Incorporates Spreadsheet Application From Dan Bricklin to Create a Distributed Spreadsheet

    PALO ALTO, CA – June 10, 2008 – Socialtext, the leading provider of enterprise wiki and social software solutions, today announced SocialCalc(R), a multi-user wiki-based spreadsheet program that simplifies version control, reduces errors and increases productivity. On the heels of its recent announcements — Socialtext Dashboard and Socialtext People and its four new solutions areas – the SocialCalc announcement underscores the company’s vision as the innovator and leader in business social software.

    “SocialCalc is the next room in the Business Social Software house we are building on our enterprise wiki foundation,” remarks Socialtext CEO Eugene Lee. “This announcement is exciting because that the social spreadsheet effortlessly bridges the generations of the existing workforce and the upcoming workforce and does not require that individuals need to re-learn an existing application.”

    “The timing of SocialCalc is perfect – we were in need of a wikified spreadsheet that had all of the utility of Google Docs without the datamining,” remarks Brandon Stafford, Principal Engineer at GreenMountain Engineering. “The SocialCalc interface is easy for anyone who knows spreadsheets. The automatic revision tracking eliminates the emailing of spreadsheets. That kind of simplification is crucial for our engineering consulting business.”

    • Socialcalc – through its integrated editing, discussions and current version control the program prohibits errors from centralized aggregation changes because the user always has the correct and current content accessible. Compared to a traditional spreadsheet sent via email, a sheet on a shared drive or document management system, this program can break work into workable increments and provide a closer to synchronous serial process. Individuals can work on their own section(s) and have a roll-up dashboard, an audit trail of changes and simple notification updates.

    In 2005, Dan Bricklin, co-creator of the trailblazing VisiCalc spreadsheet program, announced that he had started working on an Open Source spreadsheet that “combines some of the ease of authoring and multi-person edit ability of a wiki with the familiar formatting and data organizing metaphor of a spreadsheet.” Socialtext co-founder Ross Mayfield wanted to evolve another Personal Computing application into Social Software. In 2006 they announced an agreement for Bricklin to finish his initial standalone server-based product, which was released in 2007 as SocialCalc. Using what was learned in this product, Bricklin embarked on a complete redeployment of just the editing and calculation part of SocialCalc in a much more polished and robust, client-based Ajax implementation. Socialtext engineers have worked with Bricklin to integrate this new spreadsheet “engine” into the Business Social Software platform — giving it the benefits of sharing, tagging, version control, and enterprise-level security and permissioning.

    “Traditionally, wikis have centered on paragraphs of text and have proven invaluable for dealing with information in that form,” said Dan Bricklin. “I am thrilled at how we have been able to bring spreadsheet editing into the wiki environment. Business people get the familiar layout, formatting, and calculation functionality of a spreadsheet together with the organic multi-page building and sharing functionality of a wiki. The spreadsheet metaphor has proven to be one of the most popular ways to organize, analyze, and store a vast range of types of information. With the addition of SocialCalc, Socialtext now has an even more powerful tool to let groups develop and keep track of their important data and ideas.”

    The SocialCalc spreadsheet engine is also a project on the One Laptop per Child Program, a non-profit directive to empower children of developing countries to learn by providing one connected laptop to every school-age child.

    SocialCalc is currently in private Beta on the Business Social Sofware platform with Socialtext customers and will be commercially available within 90 days. To learn about the Beta program or get a demonstration, contact Socialtext sales. Further information is available on the press wiki www.socialtext.net/st-press/

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