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    Socialtext 4.0.1 Improvements All Around

    You’ll be happy to know Socialtext 4.0.1 contains several updates that will immediately improve the way you work.

    The video below provides an overview of some of the enhancements, including:

    • Sending longer microblogging messages in Socialtext Signals
    • Installing the Desktop application for rich-client access to Socialtext
    • Filtering a Group’s activity stream so you can focus on specific types of events
    • Improving the look of certain wiki page elements

    Communicate Openly With Your Colleagues

    Trying to collaborate with co-workers via e-mail can be frustrating. That is why many people are using our microblogging application, Socialtext Signals, when they need to get answers, share links, and give quick status updates. Based on your feedback, we’ve now increased the Signal length to 400 characters, so you can send longer messages.

    Experience Socialtext Desktop

    The Socialtext Desktop application is a great way to access Socialtext Signals, the activity stream, profiles, even all your Socialtext workspaces pages. We want to make sure you get a chance to experience Desktop yourself, so we’ve placed a new link at the top right of Socialtext where you can click to install it.

    Easily Keep Up With Group Activity

    Socialtext Groups make it easy for you to work with your colleagues on projects or areas of interest. Each Group has its own home page, with an activity stream that displays what the group is up to. New in 4.0.1, you can now filter the stream to display just specific types of events, such as signals, page edits, comments, etc.

    Socialtext Enjoys Record 2009 Performance

    Momentum fueled by doubling of user base, record quarter-over-quarter bookings growth.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Socialtext enjoyed a record-breaking year in 2009, setting its highest quarter-over-quarter bookings growth in the company’s history. Businesses are turning to Socialtext’s social software platform to gain higher levels of employee engagement, commitment and performance not achievable in the past. As the leading enterprise social software company moves into 2010, it expects continued growth in new bookings and renewals, and another record year in overall bookings and revenue.

    “In 2009, there was a collective awakening about the value of greatly improved knowledge flows among a company’s greatest asset, its people,” says Eugene Lee, Socialtext’s CEO. “In 2010, social software will become a staple for enterprises looking to improve the way their employees communicate and get work done.”

    Large and midsized enterprises across many industries — including media, health care, manufacturing, and technology — have deployed Socialtext so their employees can collaborate more easily and tap each other’s expertise, enabling them to stay connected, aligned and informed. With greatly improved knowledge flow and teamwork, these companies can now respond faster to changing market conditions and new revenue opportunities. In doing so, they better meet the needs of their customers.

    “Socialtext got all my smart people pulling in the same direction.”
    Don Smith, Vice President of Customer Service, OSIsoft

    “People call it the single most useful tool that Davies has introduced to staff, period.”
    Brandon Edwards, President & COO, Davies

    To meet customer demand for its enterprise social software platform, Socialtext is expanding, hiring across multiple departments in 2010. While Socialtext is looking forward to the coming year, highlights from 2009 include:

    • From Q1 to Q4, the company grew bookings by more than 200 percent.
    • The company grew its customer base to 6,500, while active users doubled.
    • Each quarter, the company beat its record for renewal bookings.
    • Bookings growth from customer expansions nearly tripled, in large part due to organic adoption of Socialtext’s fully integrated social software platform inside companies.
    • “Once people saw what they could do with Socialtext, each business unit started their own social software revolution.”
      Steve Brewer, Customer Connection Mgr. & Systems Integration,
      FONA International

    • Socialtext released its Microblogging appliance, allowing companies to deploy secure, private microblogging enterprise-wide very quickly, and then expand into other uses of the Socialtext social software platform later, such as deploying a social intranet, a social corporate directory, and letting the activity streams and other automated mechanisms do the work of keeping the organization informed.
    • “With microblogging from Socialtext, people understand each other more, and they know what others are doing. This lets us respond more quickly to new opportunities.”
      Tim Eby, General Manager, St. Louis Public Radio.

    • Socialtext shipped SocialCalc, the first and only social spreadsheet integrated with a social software platform, developed with VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin. SocialCalc has allowed companies to stay in touch with the state of the business.
    • “With SocialCalc, I can go in at one point in the day and see what’s going on in all our active campaigns right now. It helps us distribute information and knowledge faster, so we can react more quickly.”
      Dave Ball, Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Meredith Corporation.

    • Socialtext Desktop allows people to access the Socialtext platform via a fast Adobe AIR app, providing a real-time experience for Activity Streams and Signals.
    • The new Socialtext Mobile brought the enterprise social software platform to employees on-the-go.
    • The company’s new service partners program complements their in-house professional services organization and ensures customers get the fastest adoption and path to strategic business results.
    • The company launched a “freemium” package that allows companies to get up and running with secure microblogging in minutes, providing a replacement for microblogging networks that have cropped up organically among employees, and that are neither secure or IT-friendly.

    About Socialtext:

    As the enterprise social software leader, Socialtext applies Web 2.0 technologies such as microblogging, social networking and wikis to the critical challenges facing large and mid-market businesses. Socialtext’s enterprise social software platform allows employees to share expertise, speed workflows and get their jobs done faster. Socialtext provides hosted and appliance-based solutions to more than 6,500 customers world-wide, including EgonZehnder, Epitaph Records, Mayo Clinic, McGraw-Hill, OSIsoft, Symantec and The Washington Post. Learn more about Socialtext at www.socialtext.com.

    SOURCE Socialtext



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    What Can You Do With Socialtext Desktop?

    What can you do with Socialtext Desktop?

    • Provide status updates. Ask questions, get answers. Share information.
    • Keep current on what everyone is doing, and stay informed when content is updated.
    • Find people, connect with them, discover new people.
    • Access content in Socialtext workspaces; wiki pages, files, blogs, and spreadsheets.

    The following video was filmed as part of E2TV at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco last week. Enjoy the tour, and make sure to download Socialtext Desktop if you’re not already using it.

    Demo of SocialCalc and Socialtext Desktop

    Ross demos SocialCalc, the social spreadsheet, and Socialtext Desktop for Robert Scoble.

    Socialtext Mobile: Enterprise Social Software on the Go

    Socialtext MobilePeople don’t just share, connect and collaborate in the office. Work is increasingly mobile, and people need access their work and distributed teams at anytime, anywhere. Today we released Socialtext Mobile, providing enterprise social software for people on the go. With functionality similar to that of Socialtext Desktop, features include:

    • Share insights from the field and always participate in the conversation with private and secure Twitter-like Microblogging
    • Know what people are working on and sharing with Activity Streams, no matter where you are
    • Connect with your colleagues and click to communicate through Social Networking
    • Collaborate with colleagues and access your company’s content when you need it most with Workspaces

    “While mobility needs to be a part of any social media platform, activity streams are particularly well-suited to mobile use,” said Gartner Analyst Jeffrey Mann. “They are well-suited to the form factor, and the kind of thing you want to access on the fly.”

    Socialtext Mobile automatically detects when you are logging from a mobile phone and serves up an optimized mobile application. Initially, Socialtext Mobile is in Beta and Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices are supported.

    The benefits of mobile web apps for IT include platform independence and a lower support burden. Socialtext customers can optionally leverage Motorola’s Good Mobile Connection to provide secure behind-the-firewall transport to support Socialtext Appliance deployment of Socialtext Mobile.

    “Socialtext pioneered Enterprise Mobile Social Software three years ago with Miki the mobile wiki, and have seen distributed teams blossom” said Socialtext Chairman & Co-founder Ross Mayfield. “Socialtext Mobile makes the broader Socialtext platform accessible anytime and anywhere.”

    Socialtext Mobile is part of Socialtext 3.6, and immediately available to all customers at no additional charge. Simply log into Socialtext using your mobile web browser.

    If you aren’t a Socialtext customer yet and want to try Socialtext mobile, get started with either a trial or sign up for Socialtext Free 50, which can be used by up to 50 people in your organization for free.

    Here is the press release, and coverage:

    Mashable: Socialtext Mobile: Business Activity Streams On the GoSocialtext Mobile on iPhone Signals
    by Barb Dybwad, September 9, 2009
    “If you’re one of the many enterprise (and increasingly, small business) users of Socialtext, you’ll be excited about today’s Socialtext Mobile beta launch news. If you’re in the market for an Enterprise 2.0 solution for your business, there’s even more reason to get Socialtext on your roadmap.”

    Venture Beat: Socialtext builds mobile web apps for collaboration
    by Anthony Ha, September 9, 2009
    “Socialtext President and co-founder Ross Mayfield says the mobile version of Socialtext should includes almost all the features found on its downloadable application Socialtext Desktop — namely, you’ll be able to read colleagues’ Twitter-style comments and post your own comments in Socialtext Signals, follow co-workers’ activity streams, view their profiles, and also read and edit content in Socialtext’s wiki workspaces.”

    TechCrunch: Socialtext Launches Mobile Version Of Twitter-Like Collaboration Platform
    by Leena Rao, September 9, 2009
    “Via a Blackberry, iPhone or Android, users can see and post to their company’s Twitter-like message stream and access their company’s Socialtext Workspace, an enterprise-ready wiki. The platform’s SocialCalc collaborative spreadsheet offering is also accessible via the mobile interface.”

    eWeek Socialtext Releases Mobile Web App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android
    by Clint Boulton, September 9, 2009
    “The lightweight Web app works on Apple’s iPhone, Research In Motion BlackBerry smartphones and Android smartphones, allowing users to access Socialtext’s Twitter-like Signals microblogging tool and browse through users’ activities, content and contacts. Users can then access a contact’s virtual business card by clicking to e-mail or call the contact from their smartphone.”

    InternetNews: Socialtext Mobile Delivers Broader Access
    by David Needle, September 9, 2009
    “Users won’t have to do any extra configuration to use the mobile version. Socialtext Mobile automatically detects when you log in from a mobile phone and serves up an optimized mobile application.”

    ReadWriteWeb Socialtext Goes Mobile But Forgoes an App
    by Steven Walling, September 9, 2009
    “Rather than a native application tailored to the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android, Socialtext chose to create mobile browser version that is cross-platform by default. The site will detect when you’re logging on through a mobile device and redirect you to a subdomain with a custom UI, which was built to reflect the desktop version of Socialtext.”

    September Means Education

    desktopthumb1.jpg The kids are all back to school, so why not sign up for a little education yourself?

    Each Wednesday in September, Socialtext is hosting free online education sessions. You can register here, and make sure to invite your coworkers.

    • September 9: Getting Started – We’ll start with a general overview of the various components and features of Socialtext, and finish with examples of creating workspace pages, sending Signals, and more.
    • September 16: Using Powerful Features To Your Advantage – In this hour we’ll look at some of the more advanced features you can use to create great looking content in Socialtext workspaces.
    • September 23: Using Socialtext Signals and Desktop – This session will focus on using the Socialtext Desktop client, and highlight the use of micro-blogging (Signals) to communicate with your colleagues.

    Register today, and make September your Socialtext education month.

    If you have any specific items you want to make sure we cover, please post a comment below.

    Enterprise Microblogging Goes Full Screen

    With the recently released Socialtext 3.5.4, people can now access Socialtext Signals via a full screen view in their browser. This new interface makes it easy to read and respond to Signals, post new Signals, and see the people in your social network.

    Socialtext Signals Web UI.png

    The hottest thing in collaboration these days is using micro-blogging to ask questions, share links, or update your status. Enterprise micro-blogging (or micro-sharing) tools enable people to send short messages to everyone in their organization. However, unlike similar public facing tools, the information is available only to people securely inside your company firewall.

    Organizations are quickly beginning to see the value in these transparent forms of communication. Benefits include more people being able to contribute to conversations, and most importantly, more people can benefit from the knowledge being openly shared. That means faster, better informed decisions can be made, and everyone in the company can feel more closely connected.

    But busy employees don’t want to learn “yet another tool”. So Socialtext developed Signals as an integrated component of our collaboration and social networking platform. This way people can send messages and link to content, right in the context of what they are currently working on inside Socialtext.

    The first of version of Signals was available as a widget on Socialtext Dashboard. Next, we released a dedicated client for Socialtext called Socialtext Desktop which included a tab for Socialtext Signals. Now, with Socialtext 3.5.4 people have a third option, the full screen browser interface.

    You can read about other new features, such as hiding table borders, sending private Signals replies, email type-ahead and more in the Release Blog on the Socialtext Customer Exchange.

    Socialtext 3.5 Released

    Today we announced the immediate availability of Socialtext 3.5, enhancing the leading social software platform for business. This release provides enhancements across all of our products, but primarily provides two new substantial capabilities:

    • Socialtext Desktop is outta beta. Our dynamic Adobe AIR(TM) desktop application moves beyond the ability to view and post Signals (a private Twitter for businesses), and Activity Streams that let you discover new people through your content and content through your content. A new People tab lets you search and explore the social networks you build for employees, partners and customers. A new Workspace tab lets you search and browse through content with drag-and-drop sharing of attachments. Download it now to experience what might be the most powerful and productive collaboration desktop application to be delivered for Adobe AIR on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Socialtext Dashboard enhanced for group-use. Socialtext Dashboard is a personalized and customizable homepage for managing your attention across Socialtext and other enterprise and web systems. Socialtext 3.5 provides new capabilities for administrators to add OpenSocial standards-based widgets to the gallery and push them directly to user’s Dashboards. Socialtext customers are using this to deliver content, applications to get team members on the same page and enhance the participation in intranets and extranets. Start your own free trial to try it now.

    Details of this release and others can be found on the Release Blog in the Customer Exchange.

    The capabilities of 3.5 have really changed the way I work. Desktop makes Socialtext more of a real-time experience, where I feel constantly connected with my colleagues and find people and content at my fingertips. We are using Dashboard to roll out widgets from Salesforce.com to our sales team so they manage their attention even more effectively.

    If you are a Socialtext customer, I’m interested in how it is changing how you work and please share screenshots of the Dashboards you create on the Customer Exchange.

    It is webinar week at Socialtext

    I wanted to invite you to join the free Socialtext training webinars I am putting on this week. The sessions will be interactive, with time for questions. Come learn how to get the most out of Socialtext:

    Register Here>>

    Introducing Social Messaging and a New, Dynamic Desktop Application

    Wednesday, March 11th, 2pm Eastern Standard Time

    Learn how to use the new social messaging capability (Socialtext Signals) and the free new desktop app to to spread news and updates like wildfire, and keep up-to-date with everyone in your network.

    Please download Socialtext Desktop before the event (it’s free). You’ll find a quick video and screenshots on the same page.

    Feature Walk-through For New Users

    Thursday, March 12th, 12pm Eastern Standard Time

    If you’re just getting started with Socialtext, attend this session to learn the basics such as using your personal home page (Socialtext Dashboard); updating your profile with a picture and more; adding co-workers to your social network, and creating great-looking workspace pages.

    Using Advanced Socialtext Features To Your Advantage

    Wednesday, March 11th, 12pm Eastern Standard Time

    Have you been using Socialtext, and would now like to improve the appearance and usefulness of your pages? This session with teach you how to add rich content such as RSS feeds, Google searches, embedded videos, maps, instant messaging, and more.

    Register Here>>

    I look forward to see you there.


    Socialtext Signals and Socialtext Desktop Buzz

    You might have seen some of the buzz from today’s launch of Socialtext Signals (video) and Socialtext Desktop (video). I really encourage you to try the new Adobe AIR app, a real-time way to use Socialtext. Here is what the press and blogosphere is saying:

    “Each communication and collaboration tool demands a different degree of effort and attention. Writing a Signals entry is a small gesture, so by itself it generates a small amount of value. But put together with everyone else’s gestures, you get a collective view of what’s going on, which is important for companies that want to execute better,” Aparicio said.

    Socialtext Brings Status Updates to the Enterprise – Mashable

    Frankly, Socialtext’s approach makes a lot more sense than some of what we’ve seen so far in the “Twitter for business” market. By connecting status updates with a broader suite of business applications and activity streams, it would seem to make connecting the right people and information easier, versus needing to use yet another application. Of course, it also means you need to implement Socialtext within your organization, which is a decision that will be based on a lot more than just its microblogging features.

    Socialtext Adds Twitter-like “Signals” And a Desktop AIR App – TechCrunch

    In yet another sign that this will be the year of the activity stream, Socialtext is adding a Twitter-like message stream to its enterprise wiki/workspace service, The new feature is called Socialtext Signals, and it appears both as a widget in the Socialtext dashboard and as a standalone desktop app built on Adobe AIR.

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