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    New Years Resolution: Achieve Social Digital Workspace Greatness

    resolutions-catThe beginning of a new year is usually a time for reflection, as well as a time to think about creating positive change in ourselves and our professional careers. With a high sense of optimism we set our goals, determined we will meet them successfully. This is good – because we are enhancing ourselves – understanding that we can be better, we can do better and more importantly that we look to be challenged and to grow by learning to overcome obstacles and fears. It may be hard work, but in the end it’s extremely rewarding.

    Some of my 2014 goals are to lay-off chocolate (OK, that may be an unattainable goal, good thing I have a few), to work better with my team, provide more value in what I do and to learn  from knowledge experts both inside and outside of my organization on topics that are of interest to me, so that I can both be challenged and enriched in many different areas of my life.

    One thing my company understands is mobility and I mean that in the most decentralized manner. Many of us work remotely but we all have easy access to each other if it’s by phone, email or online  meetings, we are always connected. However, maybe the most important place we connect is in our digital work-space.

    The reason our digital work-space is the most preferred place for me to connect is that I am able to find personalized information and content that is directed to my team space. I can communicate in real-time with co-workers that I need to communicate with. I can find those outside of my team space that may have valuable information to share and not only can I locate the information easily, I can have it in different forms. This allows me to get my work done quicker and more accurately, which in turn helps the team to reach our goals more efficiently.

    So how can your organization achieve digital work-space greatness? Well, for starters you need to consider the following:

    • What information employees are going to access
    • How are they going to access information
    • Where they need to find content
    • Who they need to communicate with
    • What they are going to do with the information once they locate it

    Key Components of a Great Social Digital Workspace

    Be sure to think mobile Today’s employees are working and communicating using a multitude of digital devices. They should be able to use the corporate intranet across any one of their devices no matter if it’s a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. You need to enable your employees to have access to information; contacts, project status changes and the ability make updates from anywhere, at any time from any device.

    Offer social features Employees spend time in social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and by offering a social intranet you’re giving employees with tools they are already comfortable with and like to use. A collaborative work-space can enrich your employees’ experience. Co-workers can develop areas of interest, foster innovation and exchange knowledge. Plus, social tools allow for teams to follow and share team members without bombarding their email -less noise, who doesn’t like that!

    It’s about ME: So personalize it — don’t contribute to information overload.  Give employees the right information, at the time they need, it in the space they work in. Building profiles allows the platform to better understand what is relevant to the employee and personalizes their work-space so that the employee decides what areas and information are important for them to get their work done.


    I hope you  take some time to reflect on how your digital work-space is working for you and your employees, and what you can do in 2014 to achieve social digital work-space greatness.

    Live long and have a prosperous New Year!

    Socialtext Mobile: Enterprise Social Software on the Go

    Socialtext MobilePeople don’t just share, connect and collaborate in the office. Work is increasingly mobile, and people need access their work and distributed teams at anytime, anywhere. Today we released Socialtext Mobile, providing enterprise social software for people on the go. With functionality similar to that of Socialtext Desktop, features include:

    • Share insights from the field and always participate in the conversation with private and secure Twitter-like Microblogging
    • Know what people are working on and sharing with Activity Streams, no matter where you are
    • Connect with your colleagues and click to communicate through Social Networking
    • Collaborate with colleagues and access your company’s content when you need it most with Workspaces

    “While mobility needs to be a part of any social media platform, activity streams are particularly well-suited to mobile use,” said Gartner Analyst Jeffrey Mann. “They are well-suited to the form factor, and the kind of thing you want to access on the fly.”

    Socialtext Mobile automatically detects when you are logging from a mobile phone and serves up an optimized mobile application. Initially, Socialtext Mobile is in Beta and Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices are supported.

    The benefits of mobile web apps for IT include platform independence and a lower support burden. Socialtext customers can optionally leverage Motorola’s Good Mobile Connection to provide secure behind-the-firewall transport to support Socialtext Appliance deployment of Socialtext Mobile.

    “Socialtext pioneered Enterprise Mobile Social Software three years ago with Miki the mobile wiki, and have seen distributed teams blossom” said Socialtext Chairman & Co-founder Ross Mayfield. “Socialtext Mobile makes the broader Socialtext platform accessible anytime and anywhere.”

    Socialtext Mobile is part of Socialtext 3.6, and immediately available to all customers at no additional charge. Simply log into Socialtext using your mobile web browser.

    If you aren’t a Socialtext customer yet and want to try Socialtext mobile, get started with either a trial or sign up for Socialtext Free 50, which can be used by up to 50 people in your organization for free.

    Here is the press release, and coverage:

    Mashable: Socialtext Mobile: Business Activity Streams On the GoSocialtext Mobile on iPhone Signals
    by Barb Dybwad, September 9, 2009
    “If you’re one of the many enterprise (and increasingly, small business) users of Socialtext, you’ll be excited about today’s Socialtext Mobile beta launch news. If you’re in the market for an Enterprise 2.0 solution for your business, there’s even more reason to get Socialtext on your roadmap.”

    Venture Beat: Socialtext builds mobile web apps for collaboration
    by Anthony Ha, September 9, 2009
    “Socialtext President and co-founder Ross Mayfield says the mobile version of Socialtext should includes almost all the features found on its downloadable application Socialtext Desktop — namely, you’ll be able to read colleagues’ Twitter-style comments and post your own comments in Socialtext Signals, follow co-workers’ activity streams, view their profiles, and also read and edit content in Socialtext’s wiki workspaces.”

    TechCrunch: Socialtext Launches Mobile Version Of Twitter-Like Collaboration Platform
    by Leena Rao, September 9, 2009
    “Via a Blackberry, iPhone or Android, users can see and post to their company’s Twitter-like message stream and access their company’s Socialtext Workspace, an enterprise-ready wiki. The platform’s SocialCalc collaborative spreadsheet offering is also accessible via the mobile interface.”

    eWeek Socialtext Releases Mobile Web App for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android
    by Clint Boulton, September 9, 2009
    “The lightweight Web app works on Apple’s iPhone, Research In Motion BlackBerry smartphones and Android smartphones, allowing users to access Socialtext’s Twitter-like Signals microblogging tool and browse through users’ activities, content and contacts. Users can then access a contact’s virtual business card by clicking to e-mail or call the contact from their smartphone.”

    InternetNews: Socialtext Mobile Delivers Broader Access
    by David Needle, September 9, 2009
    “Users won’t have to do any extra configuration to use the mobile version. Socialtext Mobile automatically detects when you log in from a mobile phone and serves up an optimized mobile application.”

    ReadWriteWeb Socialtext Goes Mobile But Forgoes an App
    by Steven Walling, September 9, 2009
    “Rather than a native application tailored to the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android, Socialtext chose to create mobile browser version that is cross-platform by default. The site will detect when you’re logging on through a mobile device and redirect you to a subdomain with a custom UI, which was built to reflect the desktop version of Socialtext.”

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