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    Thank You IMM for Real-Time Information Revolution Webinar!

    We want to say thanks again to Wendy Wloszek and Larry Housel of Industrial Mold & Machine (IMM) for another great webinar! They did a fantastic job of revealing how the manufacturing industry is leveraging collaborative tools in a big way, and the ROIs that are being realized with both executives and workers on the shop floor.

    IMM is paving the way for pushing new technologies to make information sharing and communication in an industry that is considered ‘old fashioned’ easier. In a field where the apprentice journeyman relationship is critical for future company success, with use of collaborative integration and mobile access to information, their workplace has been transformed.

    Every employee is equipped with an iPad for access to IMM Connect, their name for the Socialtext platform that resides behind their firewall, enabling information to follow material at all times, which expands IT to the shop floor. The extensive use of Socialtext Page Tracker widgets allows IMM to visualize and coordinate workflow. Now experts and apprentices alike have access to plans and schematics anywhere to streamline the process of editing and adapting to changes. According to President Wendy Wloszek:

    Collaboration is how you turn an underperforming employee into a companies’ asset, creating a system where everyone can be a winner within. We always try to view the uninformed or unskilled as a challenge to create an environment where they can be successful. Converting the expertise of industry veterans into information that can be redistributed to others in need of it has been area that we have had success since implementing Socialtext.

    They have also integrated new technologies in 3D design software, providing employees with a simplified view into what they are building. Being able to watch shared 3D animations of color coded schematics of molds, makes it that much easier for expertise in the field to spread through their organization.

    Overall, it’s an encouraging story of how enterprise 2.0 along with other technologies can be used to move the needle for workers outside of office buildings on the manufacturing floor.  Watch the webinar, The Real Time Information Revolution – Coming to a Tool Shop Near You, You can see a replay of the Webinar here.

    Also, IMM’s Larry Housel, Head of IT has been nominated as a semifinalist in the Constellation SuperNova Awards! Vote for him to win this prestigious award here.

    Watch Firing Line with Bill Kutik: The Social Enterprise and HR Featuring Charles Jones of Bedford Funding

    Join us on Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 10am PT/1pm ET for a must listen to Charles Jones, Founding Partner of Bedford Funding (owners of Socialtext, Peoplefluent and Aquire) share his insights on the latest episode of Firing Line with Bill Kutik.

    The Firing Line is the first video series created exclusively around HR Technology trends and issues. The upcoming 30-minute show – The Social Enterprise and HRwill also feature Jim Lundy, leading Social Media Analyst and Founder of Aragon Research.

    The discussion will include:

    • How will social media technologies change HR?
    • How can enterprise business take full advantage of social media to achieve demonstrable ROI?
    • What effect will Generation X and Generation Y have on the adoption curve of social media within the enterprise?
    • How does social media directly affect the recruiting process?
    • How does the proliferation of mobile devices intersect with managed social strategies?

    Join us to watch three leading HR thought leaders discuss these and many other issues critical to every HR leadership team.

    Register here.

    Socialtext Invites you to Join Industrial Mold & Machine’s Case Study Webinar

    Industrial Mold & Machine (IMM ) (Twinsburg, Ohio) is one of those companies that works quietly in the background of American business, yet whose work touches the lives of millions of consumers each day. As the name might suggest, the company makes metal moldings for a variety of manufactured products, helping shape things like plastic cups, playhouses, sleds, milk jugs or kitchen utensils (to name just a few).

    When it comes to innovative use of technology and information, Industrial Mold & Machine has become a poster child that many tool shops are now trying to emulate. Since the company has implemented Socialtext into their daily activity flow, it is now paving the way for manufacturing to leverage social in a way that has never been done before.

    According to Larry Housel, Knowledge and Information Manager, Industrial Mold and Machine is using their Socialtext platform to serve its customers faster and better. Since its adoption, Socialtext has reduced their cut time (productivity cycles) by 20% and decreased labor costs by 40%; Benefits that are accelerating their business and turning heads.

    Join this case study webinar and learn how Industrial Mold is able to:

    • Improve shop floor productivity with real-time access to information
    • Eliminate paper-clogged process bottlenecks that slow down production
    • Enhance communication and collaboration throughout the company
    • Bring employees and apprentices up-to-speed with knowledge at their fingertips
    • Utilize social networking to bridge the divide between office and shop floor workers
    • Elevate productivity, quality, and responsiveness to customers

    Presenters include:

    Wendy Wloszek, President

    A seventeen year industry veteran, Wendy Wloszek started her career with Industrial Mold & Machine as a Mold Designer, then promoted to Engineering Manager and progressing to Head of Operations before assuming the role of President. Wendy has been a driving force behind the company’s extensive adoption of cutting edge technologies to streamline information flows and production processes. Wendy is also a Board member of AMBA (American Mold Builders Association) and MAPP (Manufacturing Association of Plastics Processors) and a sought-after speaker at industry events.

    Larry Housel, Head of IT

    Larry Housel is a visionary technology leader who is passionate about leveraging information to give organizations a competitive advantage. Throughout his career, Larry has worked with a range of businesses to deliver LEAN concepts into information systems. While at Industrial Mold, Larry has championed a transformation of the company’s approach to information technology, propelling Industrial Mold into a leadership position in its industry and beyond.

    With Social Collaboration, Knowledge is Power

    During Socialtext’s latest webinar, Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange, participants were given a first-hand look at how knowledge management is evolving with the advent of social and collaborative technologies. Kate Leggett, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, discussed key industry trends and provided insight into the future of enterprise social tools. Sarah Nichols, Director of Knowledge Management at ClimateWorks, illustrated how the adoption of a social intranet has provided a more efficient internal knowledge exchange.

    It’s no secret that times have significantly changed. Employees now have access to their work from laptops, smartphones and even tablets, in addition to a traditional desktop computer. This has essentially created a ‘mobile employee,’ who expects to get tasks done in an efficient and streamlined manner, regardless of their location.

    Diverse and fragmented applications in use across enterprises have created a “spaghetti network” of silo’d technologies that pose a barrier to the kind of streamlined workflows employees expect. As a result, it is essential that companies integrate these systems of record with new systems of engagement to achieve true social knowledge exchange. ClimateWorks is a perfect example, as it has done this through strategic implementation of CWKX (ClimateWorks’ social intranet) on the Socialtext platform to ensure maximum productivity gains.

    As knowledge management and collaboration come together to create social knowledge, it is producing quantifiable benefits, which are measured by increases in efficiency and productivity. Yet, the following are still required to gain traction:

    1. Yield quantifiable business results
    2. It has to be vital to an employee’s job
    3. It must gain critical mass within an organization

    Sarah Nichols has put the social knowledge theory to work at ClimateWorks, a foundation made up of a global network of non-profits, numbering 500+ user base. The goal was to learn and share knowledge faster and in a more efficient manner throughout the network, which has been achieved by utilizing the CWKX platform as a collaboration space, internal media outlet, and a document management platform. Specifically with the document management feature, ClimateWorks saved $13,000 by provide a digital booklet about the company, as opposed to printing it for everyone on the staff.

    Using CWKX to obtain information and collaborate through preexisting workflows has provided numerous benefits to the network. From multidirectional communication to a central repository for files, creation and information, the social intranet demonstrates visible and tangible results since its implementation. For example, within the first three months of a departmental beta test, there was a 37% reduction in interdepartmental email traffic, and that same department cut its weekly meeting time in half due to the consistent collaboration and communication already taking place on a daily basis via CWKX.

    Not only does effective knowledge sharing enable a better connected enterprise, it also helps to attract talent, build revenue and inspire innovation. Static document sharing no longer applies in today’s real-time socially connected world. To generate success it is critical that enterprises leverage social platforms and tap into the collective mindshare of the entire organization, enabling access to knowledge not only under one roof but connecting on a global scale.

    You can listen to the recorded webinar by registering here.

    Live Webinar: Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange

    On August 29th, Socialtext is teaming up with leading analyst firm Forrester Research and partner ClimateWorks, for a live webinar titled: Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to Social Knowledge Exchange.

    Knowledge sharing continues to evolve within enterprises. In a day-in-age where efficient internal collaboration is crucial to help attract new talent, build company revenue and inspire innovation, the companies that recognize this and continue to push boundaries of knowledge management will maintain their position as industry leaders with a competitive advantage.

    As we embark on regular use of new collaborative social tools, more and more companies will see less of a need for a system of content platform and static document sharing. Instead, having the ability to communicate in real-time has become the norm and enables employees to not only achieve more connectedness under one corporate roof, but connect on a global scale.

    In this webinar, leading Forrester expert Kate Leggett will begin the conversation by providing industry trends and insights on the future of the social knowledge exchange. She will be joined by Sarah Nichols, director of knowledge management at ClimateWorks, which is a foundation dedicated to supporting public policies that prevent dangerous climate change.

    ClimateWorks is an example of successful adoption of social tools and has leveraged its social intranet to:

    • Create a central services portal that connects its global network of non-profits
    • Connect systems of record to systems of engagement
    • Develop innovative UX search and content discovery mechanisms
    • Apply best practices to increase intranet adoption and usage.

    Be sure to join us on August 29th at 10:00 a.m. PT/ 1:00 p.m. ET to learn more about how your company can benefit from implementing a social strategy. Register to save your spot today.

    Social Onboarding Today, Happy Employees for Years to Come

    Last week, PeopleFluent and Socialtext joined forces to present a webinar, From Warm-up to Winner’s Podium: Social Onboarding Goes for the Gold, revealing the evolution of onboarding and its journey from administrative necessity to a strategic tool for long-term talent acquisition and retention.

    As social software has become more commonly adopted throughout enterprises, companies are beginning to leverage these technologies to help new employees in ways that provide learning, mentorship, and peer engagement. As prospective hires become employees, its the first 45 days of employment that are the most critical – when almost a quarter of staff turnover happens.

    That’s why the evolution of Onboarding to Social Onboarding is so key.  Social tools can be used to streamline the processes associated with bringing on a new hire and provide a better overall experience. It’s an experience that promises very tangible business benefits in the form of reduced training time, quicker time to productivity, lower employee churn and higher levels of engagement all of which  significantly contribute to strengthening the company culture.

    Social onboarding is the process in which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective organizational members. Historically, this has included the necessary administrative steps such as filling out forms, selecting benefits and getting access to new hire information, as well as getting an introduction to the company and its unique culture.  Having new hires adapt to their new role and engage with co-workers quicker provides companies’ with a greater chance to hold onto their new employees. Not to mention, there is also is a direct correlation to higher levels of innovation and creativity with clearly communicated business objectives and an engaged workforce.

    “Now, new hires can come to one place to easily find information to help them be successful in their days on the job,” says Kate Rash, manager of learning and development with Getty Images. Additionally, a formal onboarding process increases the likelihood of a new hire staying with the company after three years by 58%.

    Socializing your onboarding process with a flexible, dynamic platform that helps to guide new employees through the process is key.  What we’ve learned from our clients such as Getty Images, Acumen Fund, Accolo and many others is that it must be:

    • Visually appealing: Leverage traditional marketing methods such as advertising to call attention to areas that you want to get noticed, or even provide a “call to action” that steers employees in the right direction
    • Engage early: Ask for feedback, institute a new employee survey to gauge effectiveness, ensure you have a team available to engage in conversations and use a tool like Socialtext 360 which makes it easy for new hires to connect with like-minded employees or internal thought-leaders sharing interests in or outside of work.
    • Findable: Provide quick access to necessary documentation, benefits and other work related needs.   Incorporating a search function as well as tagging capabilities will also improve information findability greatly.
    • Interactive:  Activity streams such as Signals are a great way to introduce new hires to the company culture.  By seeing the conversations taking place, they will learn trending topics, most active people, and learn through social interactions and collaborate with ease and comfort, regardless of location.

    To see the webinar slides, check them out here.

    Implementing an effective social onboarding process that maps against a new hire’s first 30, 60, 90 days and integrates into the flow of their work has great benefits for new hires, productivity, and the company as a whole. With major shifts on the horizon to US workforce demographics and the ubiquity of Social interactions, it is more critical than ever to apply Social Onboarding techniques to take your enterprise into the future.

    To view the recorded webinar and learn how your enterprise can benefit from Gold Medal Social Onboarding, register here.

    Free Webinar July 26 – Social Onboarding Goes for the Gold

    We’re excited to announce our upcoming webinar with sister company Peoplefluent, Social Onboarding Goes for the Gold.  Introducing new hires into the company and helping them get up to speed on benefits, company processes and relevant information is one of the most important things that can ensure their success and growth.

    Today’s new hires have higher expectations and are accustomed to having information, people and resources at their fingertips. Gone are the days of employee binders, static directories, and lengthy orientations. Getting them trained and actively engaged is key to not only their success but to your business bottom line.  In today’s world where content lives and dies in a manner of weeks, its more important than ever to provide a platform that can not only serve as a central repository to key new hire information, but can also be dynamic and engaging. This is where leveraging a social collaboration platform such as Socialtext can help.

    Register for our webinar today and learn best practices as well as  new ideas for how to socially supercharge your onboarding and Go for the gold.

    Social Transformation Webinar, the Wrap-Up…

    In the latest Socialtext webinar, Social Transformation: Accelerating Industry at the Pace of Social, we sat down with esteemed author and principal MIT research scientist, Andrew McAfee. We also had the pleasure of bringing in the President of Industrial Mold and Machine (IMM), Wendy Wloszek, accompanied by Head of IT, Larry Housel. This session addressed the impact of social collaboration and communications technologies on the modern industrial landscape, and an exciting illustration of its successes with an in-depth testimony from Industrial Mold.

    As one of most influential IT innovators, and recent author of The Race Against The Machine, Andrew McAfee took the time to dive into how the regime change to Enterprise 2.0 alleviates a deep knowledge problem that has held companies back. According to McAfee, “Up until the 2.0 era, there was not a lot of headway on solving this problem.” Technologies in place were too structured, centered around documents rather than people. Enterprise 2.0 was designed to accommodate a simple yet effective alternative for business needs, enabling easy navigation and attractive usability for employees to get work done.

    “Humans are deeply social creatures, and should use technology to build a digital glue among people. Changing the philosophies of the workplace, and views of a knowledge worker to be more social and mobile, is very powerful and shows significantly better business results. “

    Companies now have the ability to work outside of the cubicle and, although physically distant, have a platform to be more connected than ever and share knowledge with everyone in a simple way. As McAfee states, this allows workers to “draw on the strengths of everyone,” as well as “convert tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge through dialogue and sharing original experience.”

    View more presentations from Socialtext

    IMM shared their story about how they leveraged Socialtext to address and improve core communication issues on the production floor, validating the viewpoint shared by Andrew McAfee and all of us at Socialtext; that social collaboration works!

    The challenge at IMM was keeping IT simple for the workers, allowing apprentices to connect with their experienced leaders and facilitating teamwork with digital collaboration.  This video shot by the team at IMM shows just how immersed in the production process social software has become.

    Additionally, the platform provides the infrastructure for IMM to train the next generation of apprentices, which is nothing short of imperative in this line of work. According to President Wendy Wloszek:

    Collaboration is how you turn an underperforming employee into a companies’ asset, creating a system where everyone can be a winner within. We always try to view the uninformed or unskilled as a challenge to create an environment where they can be successful. Converting the expertise of industry veterans into information that can be redistributed to others in need of it has been area that we have had success since implementing Socialtext.

    Overall it’s a fascinating story of how enterprise 2.0 technologies can be used to move the needle for industry and workers outside of office buildings and on the shop floor.  Watch the webinar and hear for yourself by registering here.

    Social Transformation: Accelerating Industry At The Pace Of Social

    Leading up to the Enterprise2.0 Boston Conference, Socialtext will be hosting a free live webinar on June 6th at 10am PDT. The webinar, Social Transformation: Accelerating Industry at the Pace of Social, features E 2.0 Keynote speaker Andrew McAfee, whose new book, Race Against the Machine parallels the experiences and successes of Socialtext client, Industrial Mold. This is a unique story as while social software usage has grown tremendously among the traditional enterprise and businesses workforce, it has not yet been fully leveraged in the industrial landscape or other more traditional industries.

    Why and how would an assembly line worker or machinist benefit from such a tool? Can a social software platform really reinvigorate an embattled industry sector and keep jobs close to home?

    For Industrial Mold, the connection of information to the manufacturing floor is essential. Yet until implementing social software, that information was primarily stored in the heads of expert mold makers (a highly skilled yet aging workforce) with little to no connection between the front office and the manufacturing process.  The executive team at Industrial Mold knew there was a better way to connect information with the manufacturing process as well as create an environment that would appeal to new recruits. With goals of serving their customers faster and better,  Larry Housel, Industrial Mold’s Knowledge and Information Manager, looked into software systems that could transform their workplace. With employees residing both in offices as well as the shop floor, Larry and his team wanted a central easily searchable place for where order information, learning and training materials could be accessed.  It was also important  to be able to ask questions of peers, and share information with the company openly.

    Leveraging human capital with technology innovation is now necessary in the industrial workplace as “Organizational and institutional innovations can recombine human capital with machines to create broad based productivity growth, ” as noted in Race Against the Machine.

    In this webinar, we’ll be hearing from leading E2.0 expert Andrew McAfee about the intersection of technology and human capital and directly from Industrial Mold executives about how they’ve applied Race Against the Machine strategies to see significant impact to their business KPI’s as well as serving as a recruitment vehicle for a younger workforce.

    Join us on Wednesday, June 6th at 10am PDT for this free webinar to learn more.

    Webinar Recording: See How Two Socialtext Customers Leverage Knowledge with Social Software

    Yesterday, Socialtext participated in a KMWorld webinar called “Social Tools for Business: Engage, Optimize, Collaborate.” Alan Lepofsky, our Director of Product Marketing, gave a talk on how social software brings people to the forefront by not only surfacing what content and knowledge is shared across a company, but by which colleagues. He also talked about how social tools enhance key business processes, encourage expertise sharing, and eliminate knowledge silos.

    He highlighted these themes through the lens of two Socialtext customers: GT Nexus, a global supply chain company, and Hayes Knight, an accounting firm in Australia and New Zealand. Below are slides from yesterday’s webinar, along with Alan’s commentary. We hope you enjoy them, and let us know if you have any questions.

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