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    Socialtext Signals Helps Companies Work at the Speed of News

    Wondering what the value of enterprise microblogging could be for your company? Since we launched our microblogging tool, Socialtext Signals, we’ve been gratified to see how our customers have used it to free the flow of work inside their organizations and derive incredible business value and improved collaboration among employees.

    Take our latest case study of an organization using Signals: St. Louis Public Radio. The station, which has been around for nearly forty years, possessed some classic communication and collaboration challenges. As we highlight, SLPR’s internal communication mechanisms (mostly e-mail and phone) were causing overloaded e-mail inboxes and slowing the time it takes to serve the station’s members. People used e-mail as a crutch when they couldn’t find the right people and information to solve their business challenges. Now, with Signals, everyone at SLPR can ask questions openly without interupting people, and get answers that remain searchable for the future.

    What separates Signals from other standalone enterprise microblogging tools is that it’s integrated with other pieces of social software, such as our Wiki Workspaces, Activity Streams, and Socialtext People, our social networking profiles that allow workers to share their expertise with each other.

    As CIO.com highlighted in its article about SLPR’s use of Signals recently, the examples of how enterprise microblogging has improved the station’s internal processes have been clear to see:

    For example, SLPR’s receptionist received a call from a listener who heard an announcement on the radio about an event at a local high school and wanted to know more about it. Instead of sending an e-mail blast to all staff members, the receptionist used Socialtext’s app to poll the staff, and received an answer in less than five minutes.

    As we wrote in our latest business value whitepaper, when utilizing social software, organizations of all shapes and sizes can improve both their formal and informal processes to serve customers faster, react to change, and ultimately beat out competitors. SLPR has been a great example of how an organization can harness the power of Enterprise 2.0 technologies like Socialtext, and we look forward to sharing more of our customers’ experiences with you.

    -Chris Lynch (@cglynch)

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    6 Ways to Get Business Value from Social Software

    It’s been a great week for both the Socialtext team and our customers here at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Leading up to the event, we focused intensely on approaching this conference from a thought leadership perspective. Principally, we believe it’s time for the Enterprise 2.0 facet of the software industry to demonstrate the business value that these social technologies provide our customers and lay out a framework for how companies can get started.

    I think we’ve constructed an excellent foundation for that effort with our six ways to get business value from social software, a paper we released this week at the conference. Based on our experiences with our customers, we highlight how companies can derive business value from their use of social software within departments, across an organization or with their customers and partners. By improving both formal and informal processes with social software, organizations can enable their employees to share and find the people and information they need more quickly. When this happens, it helps people satisfy their customers, react to change and capture new business.

    While we’re proud of the research and work we did with customers to make this paper come to life, we know this is an ever-evolving challenge. We look forward to hearing ideas from more companies, colleagues, analysts, and our competitors to help improve upon it.

    You can download our free paper at socialtext.com/businessvalue.

    -CGL (@cglynch)

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    Enterprise Microblogging Whitepaper

    Socialtext just released a whitepaper on the value of Enterprise Microblogging. At a time when many companies are exploring what a “Private Twitter” could do for them, the paper helps them understand:

    • Microblogging basics
    • Public vs. Enterprise use
    • Best practices for Email, IM, Forums and Microblogging
    • Microblogging Adoption
    • The Business Value of Microblogging

    Also of interest is tomorrow’s Microblogging Webinar. Daniel Pritchett notes, “These are the same folks who brought us the excellent #twitterprise webinar series earlier this year. Highly recommended.”

    New Ferris Research whitepaper

    Ferris Research, a leading analyst that tracks the messaging and collaboration market, recently published a short paper on Socialtext wikis. It’s a bit of marketing, but good overview of Socialtext’s business-class features and how Socialtext is different than many of the free or open-source wiki offerings. You can download the complimentary paper “here”:/files/FerrisResearchAug2007.pdf.

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