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Collaborative, Social Intranet
Lets Egon Zehnder Globalize
Their Business Model

Customer Case Study

Egon Zehnder, an executive search firm, faced a challenge affecting companies across the globe: how to share knowledge and expertise. This challenge was especially relevant for Egon Zehnder because their consultants work all over the world in 22 different industry segments. While they had a company intranet in place, it wasn’t being used in the daily work flow, and wasn’t connecting the right people with the right information.

Download this case study and see how Egon Zehnder improved collaboration between teams and across offices and better met their clients’ needs, by implementing Socialtext’s collaboration platform.

Learn how Egon Zehnder uses social collaboration to:

  • Create conversations around specific questions, and allow employees to contribute, regardless of time zone or geography
  • Avoid delays in their search cycle by relying on their social platform around the clock, and not waiting for scheduled meetings
  • Increase brainstorming sessions between their consultants, which are documented and searchable in the future
  • Promote learning between consultants and allow them to share best practices and strategize on new client services
  • Ease travel between offices by offering resource pages addressing frequently asked questions about individual offices

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