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Customer Case Studies

Businesses of all sizes use Socialtext to collaborate faster, decide faster and change faster. From technology companies to services firms to educational institutions – in the U.S., Europe and around the globe – Socialtext customers tap the power of their people.

Using the Socialtext collaboration platform companies have seen a wide variety of dramatic business results. Sales departments have improved sales proposals and compressed sales cycles by over 10%, product management has sped up time-to-market by 25%, corporate communications have sped up employee onboarding, field service has achieved faster time-to-resolution on field service issues, professional services firms have increased client engagement and retention. Socialtext customers have reduced cycle times by up to 25%, and even reduced email by over 30%.


Increased customer satisfaction through social.

See how McKesson uses social to improve communication and centralize knowledge across the organization.

Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Office

JSO enhances business processes through social.

The Jacksonville Florida Sheriff’s Office Improves Communication, Collaboration, and Information Centralization Through Social.


Improved employees’ access to resources and coworkers.

An Exploratory Study on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Implementation of HUDConnect


Centralize resources and streamline onboarding.

Accolo, an industry leader in on-demand recruiting, uses Socialtext to address three challenges: building a community, onboarding, and centralizing knowledge.

Southeastern Railway

Dramatically improved operations and productivity.

Southeastern Railway's social intranet increases collaboration, improves communications and gets passengers to their destinations on time.

Blue Man Group

Centralization and collaboration fosters creativity.

Being the start and end experience for every employee, the Shiznet (social intranet) has fueled innovation and better work processes for Blue Man Group.


Publisher sees better sales and marketing alignment.

Sales and marketing teams stay connected in real-time to the colleagues and information needed to reach new markets.


Serving customers better from across the globe.

200 global support engineers all pull in the same direction, tap into collective brainpower, and serve customers better.


Mobilizing the entire team in unison.

Fast, iterative learning cycles and real-time feedback loops keep Echo360 sales and marketing teams in lock-step alignment.

Epitaph Records

Continuous process improvement.

Customers are more satisfied, with personal service and custom project management, while Epitaph actually saves money.

St. Louis Public Radio

Now working at the speed of news.

With microblogging and a social intranet, employees stay informed, respond faster, and serve members better.