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Success Methodology

Our Customer Success Team will work with you to ensure you have a successful launch and the highest user adoption. A designated Customer Success Manager (CSM) will support you to make sure Socialtext gives your people better access to critical information, enhances their sense of community, stimulates the flow of knowledge, and meets your business objectives.

Your CSM will coach you through a hands-on process of designing and building custom tools to address your company’s unique collaboration needs. Through private coaching sessions, written materials, and our Customer Exchange, we will provide you with templates and best practices generated from our work with many successful implementations, including:

  • Encouraging a range of high-value use cases for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and community-building
  • Recruiting energetic champions from across your organization
  • Launching Socialtext in a hands-on way that generates comfort with social software tools and concepts
  • Routing repeated activities (e.g., frequently-sent emails) through Socialtext
  • Integrating with existing systems of record (e.g., company directory, document management, CRM)
  • Leveraging the public Socialtext community

Templates and Best Practices

Your CSM will help you get started on Socialtext with a robust set of starter materials, including:

  • Workspace page templates for dozens of the most valuable use cases
  • Frequently used Dashboard widgets, and how to apply them to your business
  • Identification of integration opportunities with email, your company intranet, and internal systems of record

Training and Communications

Your CSM will help you introduce Socialtext to your organization in ways that will maximize organizational awareness and adoption. We will provide you with a comprehensive set of offerings to support the introduction, including:

  • Coaching on overall communications strategy including target audiences, messages, formats, and timing
  • Templated email communications, talking points, and PowerPoint presentations to announce the launch, and what it means for your company and colleagues
  • Train-the-trainer session(s) on how to deliver a basic how-to training on Socialtext
  • A standard “Socialtext 101” training script ready for you to tailor and use to train your organization.
  • A set of brief videos introducing Socialtext and explaining how to use the different modules

Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

Once the solution is launched, we will work with you to monitor uptake and to recommend “mid-course corrections” which will maximize adoption and business value. Through regularly scheduled check-ins across your implementation, we will work with you on:

  • Regular reporting on adoption progress and trends
  • Clear-eyed assessment of current state and recommend changes in increase business value
  • Practical advice on techniques to reinforce and stimulate use of the collaboration tools
  • Assessment of progress against business objectives
  • Recommendation for additional areas of value for you to pursue