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Socialtext 8 Features

Socialtext 8 provides the most integrative experience to employees and unlocks productivity, communication, and single-click access to what’s important during the work day.

Socialtext 8 highlights include:

Presence Notification: See who’s online as signified by the green dot. Be confident that the person you’re messaging is available to reply. When they’re away, the dot turns gray.

Idea Tracking: Lightweight project management ensures that you know what needs to be worked on. Contribute to a project, amplify updates to team members, and move things through the queue much more efficiently.

Deep Mobile Integration: Take your documentation and discussions onto the road using our cutting-edge mobile solution.

Rich User Profiles: Learn more about a colleague by reviewing their job details, their team hierarchy, what they’ve worked on, and what groups they participate in.

Social Media Integration: Remind your employees of your social media outreach to the public. See a social media feed that ticks through realtime announcements.

Tailored Dashboards: Easily import company logos, colors, and multimedia from a simple administration panel. There’s no need to be a web programmer to make impactful changes that embody your company’s culture.

Socialtext 5.0 Dashboard


Social Intranets are the cornerstone of company-wide collaboration. The Socialtext Dashboard is a customizable start page, which displays the information that matters to you, all in one place. Share status updates, discover popular content and connect with the people who can help you get your job done.

Social Networking

Profile pages enable people to learn about their peers — their contact information and skills, the content they create, the groups they belong to and more. Groups (both public and private) let members organize around a common interest or theme and work together in a secure community.

Socialtext 5.0 Profile Page

Socialtext 5.0 Page Editor

Content Creation

Web-based content creation tools enable teams to work together, creating pages that are available to everyone to contribute to and benefit from. With wiki pages, online spreadsheets and blogs, your valuable information is always updated and no longer locked away inside individual inboxes.


Socialtext is accessible any time from multiple platforms such as the web, mobile devices or your desktop client. No matter where you are, you'll always be able to access your critical business content, and connect and share with your peers. Enable your employees to access information, contacts, stay in the loop on project status changes, and make neccessary updates from anywhere, anytime.

Socialtext 5.0 on an iPad

Socialtext 5.0 Salesforce Integration


Socialtext makes it easy to integrate your CRM, ERP, HR and content management systems within the Socialtext platform. Socialtext Connect provides out of the box integration with tools like Microsoft Sharepoint and Salesforce.com, and our API makes it easy to connect to other enterprise platforms.