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Content Creation

Web based content creation tools enable teams to work together, creating pages that are available for everyone to contribute to and benefit from. With wiki pages, online spreadsheets and blogs, your valuable information is always updated and no longer locked away inside individual inboxes.

Socialtext 5.0 Content Creation

Tools your team already knows

Social text has built an intuitive, familiar interface that leverages the layout and features of many of the most common document editing tools. Your employees will be able to dive into content creation tasks without extensive training. Content is easily imported via Microsoft Word, PDF and web pages and editable within Socialtext. Widgets can be embedded for views into dynamic content.


All of Socialtext content is searchable via keywords and uses a tagging framework that makes it easy to find necessary documents and files within just a couple of clicks. Instead of hunting for old versions of documents in email folders or document management systems, revisions of Socialtext content are available on every page: compare two revisions, step through history and restore previous content easily.

Reduce email overhead

No one likes email. It bogs down, piles up and clutters everyone's life. The beauty of Socialtext is that the need for extensive email strings that contain edit descriptions, comments, action items, etc can all be eliminated. Socialtext can effectively manage all communication and changes related to any document efficiently and transparently within the workspace.

Connect documents

Hardly ever do documents stand alone — usually they are accompanied by additional files, media, and supporting documentation. Socialtext allows all of these assets to live together and surfaces relevant connections so that anyone can easily navigate their way through all the necessary information.

Streamlining at its best

Workspaces (team, department, & project based) become the central hub for your project management needs. Signal updates, tag project stakeholders, identify outstanding tasks and report progress all through a single interface. Historical content is never lost and always accessible through revision history.