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A “bird’s eye view” into what matters
Socialtext 5.0 Dashboard

The Socialtext dashboard is an employee's personal home page linking to everything they need, as well as providing visibility into changes across the company for a quick determination into what needs attention and involvement.


Socialtext provides an aggregated view of all social networks, people, resources, topics, conversations, applications and data needed most often, all in one place. Additionally, Socialtext enables contextual discovery of relevant content through the activity of colleagues.


Unlike traditional enterprise software dashboards, Socialtext enables total personalization so that employees can create a space that works best within their work flow.


Socialtext's dashboard comes with a plethora of proprietary and 3rd party widgets that are built on the Google OpenSocial standard and provide windows into content from sources such as Wikipedia, Twitter, Gmail, Salesforce, Slideshare and more, with additional widgets being delivered all the time. Employees can easily assemble widgets they like onto their own personalized dashboards and get all the information they need at a glance, including visibilty into internal business applications such as bug tracking and business intelligence reports.

Visibility leads to action and efficiency

Real time activity streams enable cross functional team visibilty into conversations, projects and company initiatives that impact an employee's work day to day. The dashboard aggregates these conversations into a stream that is informative, responsive and actionable. Employees can see updates on their internal and external social networks, ongoing conversations, topics of interest, member workspace changes, watched pages, external news and information feeds.

With Socialtext workspaces and dashboards, the time an average employee spends looking for information can be reduced by about 50%.

Group collaboration and project management

Socialtext allows your teams to collaborate in private group dashboards. Functional teams or project member access one dynamic page that greatly reduce time spent giving updates and enables visibility within a single group dashboard. As each person updates does their work, activity feeds automatically alert other team members to changes.

Communications platform

Socialtext dashboards come with administrative real estate that can be locked in place and used for company wide communications such as marketing annoucements and company news and events. Enabling an efficient line of communication within the enterprise helps employees understand company initiatives and positioning and leads to a more cohesive and empowered workforce that understands the company vision and their role in executing to that vision.