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Socialtext Connect

Socialtext makes it easy to integrate your CRM, ERP, HR and content management systems within the Socialtext platform. Socialtext Connect provides out of the box integration with tools like Microsoft Sharepoint and Salesforce.com, and our API makes it easy to connect to other enterprise platforms.

Socialtext 5.0 Integration

Elimination of information silos

Socialtext Connect creates a “Social Layer” that virtually connects all your business applications. Employees across the enterprise can now have access to relevant information from systems they either never had access to or had difficulty using, helping them make better decisions when managing projects, pursuing new opportunities or serving customers. Now, the information traditionally found in stand alone enterprise applications (HR, ERP, CRM, etc) can be shared by everyone, without having to log into those systems. Events from multiple systems can now be integrated into a single activity stream, enabling employees to discover and interact with information, have conversations with colleagues and take actions that help them do their jobs.

Real time social intranet

Building better context and awareness, Socialtext Connect not only pulls in data from external sources, but creates the space for conversations around that data. By having real time access to relevant events being carried out by key business systems and colleagues across the enterprise, employees make better decisions, serve customers more efficiently, and stay better in synch as they drive new business opportunities.

Make business processes more flexible

Traditional systems are good at carrying out a predefined, rigid set of business processes. But when an exception to those business processes happens, people must step in and manage it. With Socialtext Connect, those exceptions can be surfaced as an event inside an enterprise activity stream. There, employees can discuss, collaborate, and take action on that event to satisfy business goals, customer needs and key projects and initiatives. By improving the flexibility of your business processes, you provide more context for the collaboration that happens around those processes.


Socialtext is accessible any time from multiple platforms such as the web, mobile devices or your desktop client. No matter where you are, you'll always be able to access your critical business content, and connect and share with your peers. Enable your employees to access information, contacts, stay in the loop on project status changes, and make neccessary updates from anywhere, anytime.