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Social Networking

Socially infuse your business

Today's workforce is a social one. With social networking sites taking over 20% of all time spent online, social is now an integral part of our day to day. Yet these new social behaviors can be integrated with workplace functions that enable discovery, collaboration, and most importantly efficiencies that positively impact business economics.

Socialtext 5.0 Social Networking

Connect and discover

Find the right person for the right project. Profile pages enable people to learn about their peers — their contact information and skills, the content they create, the groups they belong to and more. Groups (both public and private) let members organize around a common interest or theme and work together in a secure community.

Unify your workforce through an open and vibrant environment that connects colleagues to each other and to their work. Open commmunications enable cross functional collaboration and idea sharing to flourish.

Social can "work"

Provide familiar social networking framework and tools to your employees in a relevant work context. A unified view of personal and business social network opens up connections at times that may otherwise be occupied.

Multi-point communications

Socialtext provides a space for your employees to talk directly to each other to share experiences, answer questions and offer feedback to the company. Fascilitating a direct line of communication leads to an energized and empowered staff that knows where to go and whom to go to for requests, advice and collaboration.