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Socialtext 360

Socialtext 360

This friendly Visual Matching Engine™ allows employees to create rich profiles by describing their experience, interests, passions and other client customizable dimensions, and uses that data to identify the most relevant people to connect with and solve business challenges together in real time.

Tap the experts

Far more than just a recommendation engine, Socialtext 360 provides an intuitive interface that displays how similar colleagues are to each other based on a variety of criteria. With a robust view into people across business units and within your organization, the experts in various subjects can be easily discovered and effectively tapped. Socialtext 360 makes it easy to identify the most relevant colleagues in your network to connect and collaborate with.

Bring mentorship to life

Mentorship fuels innovation, stronger team ties and shows a commitment to your staff that their personal career goals are tied to business success. However, finding those willing and most appropriate members can prove a challenge. Socialtext 360 surfaces those candidates with ease and elegance, displaying those connections, relationships and attributes in an easy to understand visual interface.

Foster connections

Tighter team bonds not only make for a better work environment, they can increase employee engagement, stimulate new ideas, shift support and training costs and increase efficiencies across the enterprise. Socialtext 360 makes it easy to understand chemistry, similarities, and areas of interest so that employees can identify and select the best new professional connections to make. Getting to better know your workforce can foster collaboration, engagement and rapport, improving your company's offerings and bottom line.

Create successful teams

Socialtext 360 can help staff your project teams faster and more effectively through a contextual visualization that shows community clustering based on the four dimensions in the profile, giving instant insight into the strengths, skills, passions and experience of the organization.