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Professional Services and Consulting Firms Harness Enterprise Social Software to Serve Clients More Efficiently

August 31, 2010, Palo Alto, California

Building on its success in different vertical markets, Socialtext's enterprise social software platform is being widely embraced by Consulting and Professional Services firms to keep their employees in-synch on the key projects and strategic initiatives that matter most to their clients.

With Socialtext's leading cloud, SaaS-based offering, professional services firms have built collaborative environments without the expense of on-premise software that requires precious IT resources, money and time.

Consulting, public relations and digital advertising firms have tapped into the power of enterprise social software to make it easier for their highly-skilled workforce to collaborate together on the projects, materials and colleagues that help them perform their jobs faster and better than competitors. Firms such as Egon Zehnder, Momentum Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather, and Eurogroup Consulting have utilized different aspects (or sometimes all) of Socialtext's enterprise social software platform, including enterprise microblogging, activity streams, wiki workspaces, weblogs, and social spreadsheets.

"We knew we needed a whole new kind of Intranet," says Bill Hopkins, Egon Zehnder's director of operations. "Instead of a traditional, rigid document repository, we needed a tool that would enable consultants and researchers to interact with each other flexibly. Most importantly, it had to be incredibly easy to use—both to contribute and to find what you need at a moment’s notice. Socialtext's enterprise social software platform, with its flexible deployment model, proved to be the best solution."

Here's some examples of firms who have improved employee collaboration to serve customers better and pursue new business opportunities faster.

Egon Zehnder -- With Socialtext as the backbone, executive search firm Egon Zehnder built a new intranet that empowered people to update content and share knowledge in real-time. Egon Zehnder's "intranet 2.0" includes current research on specific industries, functions, and executives; up-to-date information on the firm’s work with strategic clients; approved templates for engagement proposals; current marketing materials describing the firm and its approach to specific types of searches and thought leadership on industry trends.

Momentum Worldwide -- This global integrated marketing agency uses the Socialtext collaboration platform to generate ideas, collaborate, and manage projects with some of its major blue-chip clients.

Ogilvy & Mather -- This large digital marketing agency has implemented enterprise microblogging and wiki workspaces to improve business processes inside call centers for its major clients.

Eurogroup Consulting -- Based in Europe with headquarters in France, Eurogroup Consulting is a management consulting group comprised of independent consulting firms throughout 16 countries who band together under the same brand and organization for shared resources and industry knowledge. With Socialtext, the firms located in disparate locations share collateral, best practices and research to better serve their business customers.

"Consulting and professional services employ people who carry out very specialized, highly knowledge-based work," says Michael Idinopulos, Socialtext's VP of Professional Services. "As these employees help customers in a variety of industries craft new strategies and drive new business opportunities, our flexible social software platform makes it easy for them to share the relevant projects, content and strategies that matter most to their customers and colleagues. “

About Socialtext

Socialtext addresses the critical issues organizations face as their people and teams struggle for better ways to share knowledge, ideas and expertise. With Socialtext's enterprise social software platform, people and teams are synchronized, highly engaged and able to move fast. The Socialtext collaboration platform employs a broad set of social software technologies including microblogging, social networking, filtered activity streams, widget-based dashboards, blogs and wikis. Socialtext offers both the convenience of SaaS and the security of an on-site appliance, for the fastest time to value. More than 6,500 businesses world-wide have accelerated their business performance with Socialtext, including Getty Images, Oxford University Press, Meredith Corporation, OSIsoft, Symantec, The Washington Post, and Epitaph Records. Learn more about Socialtext at www.socialtext.com.