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Volume 10, October 2010     
Want Mind-Blowing Success?
When I look at our customers who have achieved mind-blowing success with social software, I see a few simple best practices. Socialtext is their intranet, it is the primary destination for must-have information, it was launched to the whole company, and it integrates with their directory, SSO, enterprise search, and enterprise applications. With this, it moves to the center of your company's flow of work. I give more detail in this blog post, and I wish each of you this same mind-blowing success.
—Michael Idinopulos, Vice President of Professional Services
Aberdeen Study Shows Impact of Social Software
A new Aberdeen Group benchmarking study shows the kind of performance improvements companies see when they deploy social software as a strategic, enterprise-wide initiative.
Deloitte Center for the Edge: Business Performance of Social Software
Thought leader & author John Hagel describes the latest research on driving business performance with social software. Watch the recorded webinar (1 hour).
Social Software Creating Industry Shifts
Some industries are adopting social software at a fast clip. Read how companies in these industries are using social software to drive better business performance:
Socialtext for U.S. Federal Agencies
The Socialtext collaboration platform on the U.S. GSA schedule will help federal and DoD agencies eliminate knowledge silos, accelerate work cycles, and increase performance.
Getty Images: Faster Business Opportunities
The vision: a communications platform that would transform the way employees share information, so everyone could drive new business opportunities, faster.
GT Nexus: Better Business Results
Socialtext serves as the company's "central nervous system;" a place where all departments share vital company information.
NYU Stern: Collaborative Intranet
10K students, faculty, and staff needed to access and share the critical content and applications that drive the school's mission.
Organize with Tags
Tags are a useful way to group similar topics. For example, you may wish to tag all conversations about deals your company wins as "CustomerWin." Did you know you can even tag Signals microblogging messages? Simply type a tag inline with your message, starting with "#" followed by one word, like the Twitter hashtag convention. You can click on a tag in a Signal to find all Signals with that tag. You can also search by tag by typing "tag: name" into the search box, where "name" is the tag you're searching for.
Signal This!
From any workspace page, you can now click "Signal This!" to create a Signal that posts a link back to the page. You can choose which group will see the Signal.
New Search Engine
Results are returned much more quickly, accuracy is improved, especially for multi-word searches. Search now indexes both the content in file attachments as well as the file attachment names.
Performance Improvements
The Socialtext Dashboard now loads much faster, response times are accelerated across the board, and LDAP/AD performance has been improved.
Improved Attachment Management
When uploading an attachment to a workspace page, if a file with the same name already exists you will be asked whether you want to add the new file or replace the existing file. Also, you now see who attached each file and when.
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A look at the pros of using social networking tools as part of your enterprise collaboration strategy. "You can't force the tools on employees. What you can do is make them available, demonstrate their value and incrementally foster a culture of using them."

"The speed with which we're answering questions has been cut in half," says Hayes Knight CIO Jack Pedzikiewicz. "The wonderful thing is, as we capture answers inside of Socialtext, we also cut back on repetition and build best of breed responses on key issues."

If you want to sell your manager on an activity stream or microblogging solution, what are you supposed to do? Here are key points for making the case for activity streams in the enterprise.

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