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The Socialtext platform is all about leveraging, not replacing, your existing investments.

Integrate with Active Directory and LDAP

Going social doesn't mean IT has to give up centralized access control and administration. Socialtext can tap into your our existing directory management system, allowing users to log in using the same username/password they use elsewhere on your network, and automatically populating Socialtext People profiles with critical contact info.

Connect with SharePoint, Salesforce and More

Socialtext Connect makes it easy to plug in popular enterprise systems of record like Salesforce and SAP, and workflow tools like Microsoft SharePoint.

The Cloud

Socialtext is deployed quickly and easily in our secure hosted cloud environment.

Extend and Customize to Suit Your Unique Business

Purpose-built for the enterprise, Socialtext provides a variety of ways to integrate, customize and extend functionality, including:

  • REST API supporting JSON, HTML, text responses
  • .NET wrappers
  • OpenSocial widget development standard
  • Social Dev community