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We've compiled this collection of resources to help you experience the Socialtext collaboration solution first-hand and learn more about the essential components of a successful collaboration strategy. We invite you to explore and learn, and to contact one of our sales reps when you are ready to learn more.

White Papers & eBooks

4 Critical Reasons Your Intranet Needs To Go Social

Today’s social intranets and collaboration workspaces are extremely organized, highly configurable, easily accessible across digital devices and provide easy ways to communicate and share knowledge across the organization. Read the 4 Critical Reasons Your Intranet Needs To Go Social eBook and discover how your company can maintain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace by adopting technologies that support a collaborative learning and working environment.

Socializing Customer Service to Drive Business Value

Read about how McKesson and Ogilvy have used social software to convert their Customer Support experience into social help centers with dramatic reductions in resolution time and increased alignment with sales initiatives. Kate Leggett, Forrester Research’s leading expert analyst on customer service technologies also offers industry trends and insights on the future of customer support.

Protect Your Company from the Risks of Social Media

This free whitepaper also includes the 5 most important issues for managing social media and recommendations for protecting your company from the risks. Download now and learn how to leverage the right tools and policies for your business.

5 Biggest Blunders to Avoid with Enterprise Social Software

This paper is designed to help you focus on the areas that are most critical to success with social software, and to avoid the five biggest and most common blunders others have made when implementing social software for their organizations.

6 Ways to Achieve Business Goals from Social Software

This practical guide shows you six different ways to achieve your business goals using social software. It will help you choose the best social software approach for your enterprise — with the right balance of risk and reward — so you can get the business results you’re looking for.

The Social Intranet: Where Work Gets Done

This white paper describes the evolution of the corporate intranet — from static repository to the primary workspace knowledge workers use in their daily activities. Learn how to build a solution that becomes a place where work really gets done.

5 Key Requirements for Enterprise Social Software

This paper will help you choose a social software solution that produces the greatest benefits for your company. It outlines the 5 requirements most critical to the success of social software in business. A solution will be successful to the degree it meets these 5 critical requirements.

Analyst Reports

Connect Your Business with Social Collaboration Software

This free research report will offer you an in-depth understanding of the current collaboration software market. Each business has a unique set of objectives and drivers. It’s critical that your organization selects a solution that best addresses your needs.

Case Studies

Southeastern Railway

Learn how Southeastern Railway's social intranet increases collaboration, improves communications and gets passengers to their destinations on time.

ISS Mexico

Facility services company better connects employees with social intranet. To help increase employee engagement and improve access to vital information, ISS Mexico built a vibrant social intranet with Socialtext.


Publisher sees better sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing teams stay connected in real-time to the colleagues and information needed to reach new markets.

Egon Zehnder

Leading the way for globalized clients. Dynamic, social intranet lets 1,500 employees in 40 countries tap into firm-wide expertise for globalized executive search.

Meredith Publishing

"Ideas get acted on faster, we build our business faster." Despite a disrupted industry, Meredith becomes more agile and innovative, and grows both subscribers and revenues.


Serving customers better from across the globe. 200 global support engineers all pull in the same direction, tap into collective brainpower, and serve customers better.

St. Louis Public Radio

Now working at the speed of news. With microblogging and a social intranet, employees stay informed, respond faster, and serve members better.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction through Social

McKesson, a global Fortune 50 healthcare company, needed to eliminate knowledge silos and centralize their content distribution systems. Since implementing Socialtext, McKesson has achieved these goals, which has increased their customer satisfaction and same day resolution of cases, and decreased their average handle time.

Moving Beyond the Knowledge Base to the Social Knowledge Exchange

In today’s world, effective knowledge sharing within an organization helps to attract talent, to build revenue and to inspire innovation, all of which lead to competitive advantage. Historically, the dissemination of information has happened through a system of content platforms and static document sharing, often via email. Those old paradigms no longer apply in the real-time socially connected world of today. Leveraging social platforms to tap the collective mindshare of the organization is not only important, it's mission critical for success.

From Warm-up to Winner’s Podium: Social Onboarding Goes for the Gold

Social networking has been part of the recruiting landscape for some time, but as prospective hires become employees, companies are using social tools to streamline work processes associated with onboarding new hires.

Social Transformation: Accelerating Industry at the Pace of Social

In this session, you'll hear from esteemed author and principal MIT research scientist, Andrew McAfee about the impact social collaboration and communications technologies are having on the modern industrial landscape. We’ll also speak with executives from Industrial Mold about the transformative changes they are leading with the use of social software in their company.

Socializing Customer Support to Drive Business Value

Learn how McKesson and Ogilvy have used social software to convert their Customer Support into social help centers with dramatic reductions in resolution time and increased alignment with sales initiatives.

The Motley Fool's Social Intranet is the Jingle

Join us and The Motley Fool in this recorded webinar for a unique view into The Motley Fool’s social intranet, Jingle.

Your Social Intranet: The Place Where Work Gets Done. Together.

The webinar features a presentation and demo by The American Hospital Association (AHA), an organization that used the Socialtext platform to build a more social intranet that connects employees with the relevant colleagues and information they need. Tim Walters, a senior Forrester analyst, shares his research that highlights what key trends are driving the need for social intranets in the enterprise.

Improving Sales & Marketing Effectiveness with Social Software

With marketing and sales teams distributed across borders it is hard for team members collaborate and learn from each other's findings. Learn how collaboration software is being used by sales and marketing to improve market and competitive intelligence, teamwork, and win rates.

The Social Layer: Integrating Social Software with Business Applications

In this webcast, Rob Koplowitz, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Vandonelio Williams, Sr. Director of IT at the NYU Stern School of Business discuss the emerging social layer phenomenon; how NYU is integrating Socialtext with applications to facilitate collaboration and connections among students, faculty and staff; and the business benefits being realized from building a social layer.