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Change can be intimidating, for people and for organizations. Our team of social business experts has helped hundreds of organizations succeed with Socialtext - we'll do the same for you!

Your Customer Success Team will help:

Prepare Your Organization for Success

  • Create passionate champions for change within your organization
  • Drive awareness of the benefits of business social software across the organization
  • Maximize adoption to ensure your Socialtext roll out is successful

Coach Your Team Every Step of the Way

  • Conduct scheduled check-ins at key milestones
  • Assess progress against business objectives
  • Monitor uptake and recommend mid-course corrections
  • Provide practical advice and proven techniques to increase adoption
  • Recommend additional areas of value for your organization to pursue

Provide Training, Best Practices and Templates

  • Introduce Socialtext’s library of starter materials and videos
  • Implement templates for common use cases
  • Customize and deploy common Dashboard widgets
  • “Train the Trainer” so you can bring new team members on board quickly

Leverage Your Enterprise Systems

  • Transition current processes out of email and into Socialtext
  • Integrate with systems of record (company directory, doc management, CRM)
  • Migrate information from legacy systems to Socialtext

Tap into the Worldwide Socialtext Community

  • Connect you with Social Dev, our private collaboration space for Socialtext customers
  • Introduce you to our partner network for custom value added services
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