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5 Key Requirements for Enterprise Social Software

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This paper will help you choose a social software solution that will accelerate business performance across your organization. It outlines the 5 requirements most critical to the success of social software in business. A solution will be successful to the degree it meets these requirements.

Collaboration is simply a series of conversations to get to a goal. It is the process of people asking questions, collecting answers and ideas, surfacing new information, getting feedback on interim deliverables, and the like. It is social. It involves connecting and sharing. It is the way most work gets done.

We’ve been collaborating for a long time, but we’ve been doing it the hard way. Solutions that use Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking, microblogging, and wikis, and that allow employees to subscribe to and filter information, can make collaboration flow much more easily across an organization. With the right social software, people connect and share, and organizational effectiveness is dramatically increased.

But social software is only effective to the extent it connects the right people and information fluidly and easily. Deploying the right social software is the easiest, most cost effective way to accelerate business performance across the organization. This paper is designed to inform your search for a social software solution that achieves these business results.

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